Trade is one of those hard hitting made for wards kind of cinema. That does not take away from the movie the efforts of the film makers and the relevance of the story being told.

It is believed that human trafficking and drug trafficking are among the top most evils in the civilized world (imagine the 'civilized world is this way!). Trade, directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner highlights the illegal human trafficking trade through the eyes of 9 year old Adriana (Paulina Gaitin) and her brother 17 year old Jorge (Cesar Ramos). When Adriana is kidnapped by a powerful Russian gang, Jorge sets off to track her down. There begins the saga of Adriana and we get to see the method in which the Victims are taken across the border into the United States, auctioned on the Internet and sold to sexual predators. Meanwhile Jorge, hot on her trail is determined to find his sister and rescue her. He comes across Ray (Kevin Kline) an immigration officer and smuggles himself into USA in the officer's car.

Suspicious of law enforcement, Jorge is then compelled to trust Ray and then a chance sighting of one the young boys kidnapped along with his sister sets off Jorge on the track of his sister's abductors. With the help of Ray he is able to find out about the auction but will he get her back and will he be able to take her home ?

I thought the movie was great, not for the faint hearted or for those who believe the world is an ideal place for what the film maker brings to you is raw reality or as close to it as possible which shocks you and makes you wonder at the brutishness of the people who indulge in this trade. You also wonder at the collusion of the law in some countries which makes it possible for the trade to flourish, while the law is bound by itself, it is the lawbreakers who are a step ahead. The performances are brilliant especially of Paulina who portrays Adriana and does so with a maturity far beyond her years. The film is calling for attention to this barbaric crime.

There is this other Colombian film Paraiso Travel on human trafficking that has come out which is supposed to be hard hitting. Waiting to get a copy of the movie. Thanks to cinema such stories get carried across the world.


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