You are here one moment. The next moment you are on the Eiffel tower in Paris and the next you are in a place you see in a photograph. That's jumper for you.

Jumpers are a class of very few special beings with powers of teleportation. And yes, hunted by those who have sworn to kill them they live in hiding and fear. As the tag line says - Anywhere is possible.

Better than I expected it to be the movie is the tale of David Rice, a kid who discovers his powers when escaping from his drunken father's rage and looking at the photo of his long lost mother. He grows up on his own to become a young teen(Hayden Chritensen) and soon discovers that he can control his powers and of course live every teen's deepest fantasy...yup, of robbing a bank and getting away with it! He lives a life of worldwide travel, comfortable riches and also goes back to his hometown to meet his childhood crush Millie (Rachel Bilson).

But then, there's an ominous looking Roland(Samuel L Jackson) who's now hot on his trail and he has a machine that actually allows Roland to follow the jumper's trail. Will David escape and survive ? Will David get the affection of Millie ? What's David's mother got to do with all this ? Are there more Jumpers ?

Watch this movie, now only on DVD or on TV for its no longer running in the multiplexes in India, to know all this and have a quite afternoon of entertainment. Mind you, the star cast puts in an only average performance and the action is not so great but the scenes atop the Sphinx and the Pyramids are quite amusing.


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