Meet the Spartans

Its a spoof. What can you expect from a spoof ? Lots of slapstick comedy, lots of caricaturing of popular stars, films and personalities ? Lots of cheap, crass, gross jokes and lots of sexual references ?

Meet the Spartans gives you all that and more. It gives you a lot of spoofs rolled into one, like any other spoof movie. Primarily the movie focuses on the movie 300 and that's why the tag line is 'Bigger the hit, harder they fall'.

Starring Sean Maguire as King Leonidas and Carmen Electra as Queen Margo, you have a series of characters right from Britney Spears to Tom Cruise to Ugly Betty to Ryan Seacrest to Paula Abdul appearing. Of course Leonidas for a spartan he is is born with a beard and is considered normal !

Cannot say much about this spoof except that like any other spoof, leave your thinking hat behind and just watch it. One of the painful parts if that the Spartans keep breaking into song and dance too often. One of the hilarious parts is when Xerxes, the God king of the Persians appears and the voice over says- Xerxes, the God king who looks very similar to the naked fat man in Borat, for the actor is the same !

Is the spoof good ? Well... NO. It gets a little too one sided and boring after a while but then if spoofs were classy and intelligent, who would watch them right ?


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