No Country for Old Men

Easily one of the classier movies I saw recently. Did the Cohen brothers deserve an Oscar for it and the 3 other Oscars it got ? Well... I don't know and frankly I don't care. I shall leave that to the intellectuals to debate. I am just a movie watcher.

Directed and written by Joel Cohen and Nathan Coel based on a Novel by Cormac mcCarthy the film features some of the best performances on screen by a stellar cast featuring Tommy Lee Jobnes, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin and Woody Harelson in a cameo. The tale is an awesome tale of changing times, greed, survival and desperation.

Josh Brolin plays Llewlyn Moses, a hunter who stumbles upon a drug related shootout, the drug consignment and 2 million dollars in cash. All that money and the promise of a better life sets off a chain of events that leads to many murders, mayhem and loss of law in this small town of Texas whose Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (Tommy lee Jones)believes the world is changing but still holds faith in the Bible.

Javier Bardem puts in an astonishing performance(and an Oscar winning one) as Anton Chigurh, an assassin for hire who murders in the strangest way possible, with a spring loaded metal rod triggered by a pressurized can of gas. The moment Javier comes on screen you sit back for he epitomises toughness and just basically cold-blooddedness. He's on the trail of the 2 million and on his trail is the DEA man Carson wells (Woody Harelson), but Anton leaves no trail or witnesses behind.

The hunter becomes the hunted and finds means and ways of survival with his survival instincts honed by fear and the desire of getting away with the 2 million. The assassin will not rest, nor tire of the chase. Will the law which is in a way startled by the ruthlessness of the crimes, the cold blooded assassinations catch up with them at all ? It is a country where the nimble footed quarry can get away but if the hunter is even more agile, nimble footed and psychopathic, will the chase ever end ?

Absolutely brilliant movie. Brilliant for its characterisation, brilliant for its casting and performance and brilliant for the way the makers have treated the story. The story appears to unfold in a lazy manner. You don't have the fast paced camera shots or jangling background score, it's just a story being told but then death like it does, appears suddenly and you realise this tale is no simple one, you better keep your eyes open !

Watch it ! Watch it !


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