One Missed Call

A stranger Calls, The Ring and many other suspense/horror flicks usually remade from Japanese hits have caught our imagination or bored us to death at some point or the other.

One Missed Call is a bit of a mix of The Ring and Final Destination with a 'missed call' thrown in. No wonder the tag line says-What will it sound like when you die ?, for in this tale when you are about to die you receive a missed voice call and you get to hear yourself dieing along with the date and time ! And then from the victim's phone, a missed call goes out to the next victim ! Wow ! that's quite some story huh ? Directed by Eric Valette and based on a Japanese flick and novel, One Missed Call stars Edward Burns and Shannyn Sossamon. Edward Burns plays the police detective whose sister dies under mysterious circumstances and Shannyn plays the college students who notices a pattern to all the deaths happening around her.

There's also this little girl who is rescued from a burning hospital, who doesn't say a word but is somehow connected to the sinister happenings. That's The Ring angle for you ! And the deaths happen as pre-destined, in horrific manner. That's Final Destination for you .

The tale just doesn't have enough in it to hold you in horror. It becomes increasingly predictable as the story unfolds and you are left with a feeling of Deja Vu. Horror/Suspense film makers of today have a challenge should I say scriptwriters since we are exposed to so much of horror that 'horror' by itself doesn't seem to horrify us.


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