What a let down this one was ! What's happening to Yash Raj Films ? After some great ones like Chak De last year, they come out with a blooper of a movie called Tashan. Supposed to mean style, this movie as a whole lacks any of it.

The movie is nowhere close to the trailers and promos that ran. The trailer is worth more money that the movie itself and the only three things worth something in the movie are Akshay Kumar (as usual now a days it seems), Kareena Kapoor in new form-fitting Bikini and some good music.

The movie promised to be an awesome action movie. Well it has action, but sparse and unimpressive. The John Woo style action zips by that you blink and miss it. The small town hangover of Bunty aur Babli and Jhoom barabar Jhoom still lasts and ensures this movie sinks beyond repair, with flashback tales of small town backgrounds and charatcerization.

Anil Kapoor as Bhaiyaji, a don in Mumbai from UP who wants to learn English irritates you with repeated mumbling of broken English, Saif Ali Khan as Jimmy, a call center exec and an English coach is absolutely wasted. Kareena Kapoor as Pooja, who is not what she seems and is more or a less a prop and looks fabulous in her size zero bikini. Askhay Kumar as Bachchan Pandey, a goon from the banks of the Ganges with superhuman strength is the only one who shines purely because of his own efforts, timing, confidence and sheer screen presence. Direction/Story by Vijay Krishna Acharya simply does not exist. It appears as though a series of sequences were shot and then hastily put together. Absolute trash of a story which takes you all over India in the search for 25 crores which Jimmy and Pooja steal from Bhaiyaji and then Pooja steals from Jimmy and disappears (and they thought that's unpredictable ?). Bachchan Pandey is called in to track Pooja and then the money down. So you get a view of some exotic locales in Ladakh, Kerala and you get an item number in the desert too.

Absolute bloopers all through. Pooja hides money all over the country and the people hiding it don't take any ? Bhaiyaji is captured in his so called kingdom and gets away from the car with hardly any effort. These and many more big holes in the story/script.

Don't worry about the story. There isn't any. And the Saif-Kareena chemistry (since they are a couple in real life last I heard) simply isn't there. The music, her body and even Akshay Kumar just cannot save this disappointing let-down of a movie from Yash Raj films. they desperately need some new script writers. Maybe they should watch the TV Show Gateway ?

Sir mein dard bhaari, na Kareena ki body, na Akshay ki adakari, bachaye iss story/direction ke galathi ko, yehi to hain iss picture ka Tashan. (A heavy headache, neither Kareena's body nor Askhay's acting can save the mistake of story/direction, that is the style of the film called Tashan)


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