U me aur Hum

A romantic cruise, a sharp womaniser, a bubbly cute woman, lots of music and dance. These are the key elements of the 1st half of Ajay Devgan's directorial debut U, me aur Hum.

The promos were clear that this was a romantic movie (the greatest journey is the distance between two people..) and right from the title screen you are treated to an overdose of romance, right from romantic sayings and proverbs on love appearing written in the sky as clouds etc

A new born baby, Alzheimer's, friends with troubled marriages, a doting husband-these are the key elements of the 2nd half of the film. My overall 'view' of the film is that it sucks ! Big time !
Not because the movie itself is boring, insensitive and long but the movie could have been so much more better if some time could have been spent on the story and script. The movie has done fairly well at the box office. According to Boxofficeindia.com the movies has grossed over 18 crores INR (USD 4.5 Millions) in about 3 weeks.

You get to watch the movie in mostly flashbacks as a tale being told by a man to a woman , supposedly a stranger in a restaurant, in order to win a bet with his son. You the man is Ajay (Ajay Devgan) and the woman is Piya (Kajol). The tale is one of a whirlwind romance on a cruise, some bits of comic incidents thrown in courtesy the loyal friends of Ajay culminating in a so very romantic marriage.

When all seems to be well and hunky dory, Piya is diagnosed with Alzheimer's and then begins the saga of a doting husband taking care of his wife who no longer recognizes him. There are many moral questions asked such as would you relegate your loved one to a care home for they no longer can take care of themselves ? Sadly, the movie shows no impact on these issues and they tend to be frivolous side dishes to the main dish featuring Ajay and Piya.

There are a couple of sequences which are extremely powerful and if the entire script was in the same league, this movie could have been far more powerful. The scenes where Piya forgets her home address, the scene where she is distracted by a lizard on the wall while her baby is in the bath tub are all arresting visuals, but then the movie is just too long and too focused on the dramatics of the husband, the wife and patient rather than on the story itself. The film could have been far more romantic if it had not tried to show too many things and just focused on one aspect.

The sidekicks played by Karan Khanna, Divya Dutta, Summet and Isha do not provide much relief either and only add to the pain you feel.

Watch it, if you really must. The music is no great deal except for a song or two. Better luck next time Ajay, focus on the script is all I can say ( I paid money for the ticket you know !). I wish the distance between me and the movie was the greatest journey ever!


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