Here's my recommendation:

  • Roadside Romeo: WATCH (for sake of yash Raj films and for some awesome animation)
  • Body of Lies : WATCH
  • Babylon: SKIP
  • Kidnap: SKIP (except if you like a lot of Minissha Lamba)
  • Righteous Kill : SKIP (such a disappointment)
  • The mighty Zohan: WATCH (if you like toilet humour)
  • Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na: WATCH ! WATCH !
  • A Wednesday: WATCH
  • Phoonk: SKIP
  • Mumbai Meri Jaan: WATCH
  • Jannat: WATCH


  • Quantum of Solace (The trailer is brilliant and it's a Bond movie)

  • Fashion (Madhur Bhandarkar, lots of why not ?)
  • Max Payne (Have played the game and its got Matt Damon. what other reason do I need)
  • SAW V (seen the first four so might as well watch the 5th)
  • Eagle Eye (trailer was nice, ahs Shia Le Bouf, produced by Steven Spielberg...enough reasons)

Any more you can suggest ?


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