Hindi Cinema: Ups and Downs-Fashion


Madhur Bhandarkar returns with his expose/view of the fashion industry. Starring Priyanka Chopra, Kanganaa Ranaut, Mughda Godse he puts together a tale made of some real life incidents and tells you the story of the rise, fall and comeback of a small town girl with big dreams.

The movie unfolds in typical Bhandarkar style. 3 hours of it then follow. The usual mix of charades and depictions of various real life personalities which keep you guessing - Who's who ?. There is the usual common man on the sidelines explaining the inner workings. In Page 3 it were the drivers, in Corporate it were the office boys and here you have the Photographers occasionally pitching in. Good performances from the leading ladies push this film up many notches. Bhandarkar seems to be getting his touch back but has lot of work to do.

Mugdha Godse puts in a stunning debut perfomance. The movie is rife with inconsistencies and illogical story moves but then what the hell, it is a movie after all. it is more the tale of one person or 3 persons rather than of the whole industry. The movie would have been far better if it was 1 hour shorter. The depiction of the fashion shows, behind the scenes action is brilliant. The music by medieval Pundits is awesome. All in all a sober, maybe depressing but well made movie.

Somewhere closer to a Up then a Down.

An 'Above Average' verdict with over INR 258 Millions is what boxofficeindia says.


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