Quantum of Solace

One of the most eagerly awaited films this season. After the brilliance of Casino Royale where the new age Bond was introduced, the sequel or the next in the franchise was keenly awaited by me and many others.

To cut it short, I found no solace in 'Quantum of Solace'. Bond is gritty, tough and vulnerable as in Casino Royale. Daniel Craig slips perfectly into the role of the 'licensed to kill' 007 agent whom M (Dame Judi Dench) seems to affectionately mother. The action sequences are gripping and recently there were comparisons to the Bourne series and you will have to admit watching the action, the close quarters hand-to-hand combat you cannot help but compare too.

The film takes off with a car chase and James Bond and M interrogating Mr White (Jesper Christensen) whom Bond captured at the end of Casino Royale. They interrogate to find out more about the organization behind Le Chiffre (from Casino Royale) which seems to be large and powerful but not on the radar of any of the intelligence agencies. A series of incidents then unfold setting Bond off on a trot across the globe partly driven by duty and partly by uncontrollable rage for revenge of Vesper Lynd's death (from Casino Royale). Along the way he meets Camille (Olga Kurylenko) who is out on her own revenge saga and to achieve it gotten close to Domnic Greene (Mathieu Greene). Greene is the CEO of an 'eco' company that is allegedly looking to improve the ecological sustainability among corporates. Greene also is out to capture
the most important resource on earth, nope not Oil as you are made to believe but freshwater, in Bolivia Greene has the convenient ignorance of the CIA and the British Government who are mislead into believing they will have their share of Oil from Bolivia and of course there is no Oil and it is up to Bond to save the day.

James Bond does engage in a many a chase and fight to get to Greene with some help from Felix Lieter (Jeffery White) of the CIA and a romp in a hotel room with Fields (Gemma Aterton). The CIA , MI6 and the Organization (called Quantum) trying to stop him, each for their own reason and yet Bond will find a way.

Disappointing. Thats one word I would use to describe this movie. What lets us down is the story. Absolutely no depth either to the conspiracy or the revenge track it is almost as if the writers ran out of ideas for the sequel. The story does not hold you and the only saving grace of the movie are Daniel Craig and the action scenes. Imagine saying that about a Bond movie. You don't have all the swanky gizmos, you don't have the Bond theme playing and you don't have the 'Bond. James Bond' too. I did'nt miss too many of the original bond elements in Casino Royale because that movie presented a new Bond, stuck to it faithfully and presented a story that was both interesting and plausible with a villain (Le Chiffre) who intrigued you. This movie doe not have a great storyline and you might ask since when did a storyline matter for a Bond movie ? Well...since you changed Bond and made him more real and believable, since then the story made a difference. The modern Bond cannot be without a believable purpose.

Watch this movie for it is a James Bond movie and Daniel Craig puts in a stunning performance with breathtaking stunts. Am not looking forward to the DVD of this one. Will go back and watch Casino Royale once more !


Saira,  November 10, 2008 at 1:30 AM  

I totally agree... I came out of the theatre thinking there was something missing... wasnt really sure if i was disappointed... but i realised by the end of the day - (when i kept thinking more and more on what was missing) that i was really disappointed with the movie! I guess one also expects a lot from a James Bond movie and this was worth watching only for Daniel Craig! (i even remember yawning)!

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