Ek Chalis ki Last local

Sanjay Khanduri attempts his hand at a comic thriller. Written and directed by him, this flick has Abhay Deol and Neha Dupia in central roles. They play Nilesh, a call center professional and Madhu, just a simple girl, who miss the train by 5 minutes. The last local train leaves at 1:40 AM (Ek Chalis in Hindi) and therefore the title of the film.

Missing the train sparks off a series of unfortunate events (or fortunate) where Nilesh ends up saving Mdhu from an assault only to eventually find out she is no simple girl but one who plys her nocturnal trade with passengers of the last local train. 

Nilesh ends up gambling, gets involved in a gang war, gets arrested by the cops and has an eventful night. Will it all end well ? Watch this not so boring and not so great movie to find out.

Abhay Deol surely can act in those good boy roles and just requires a good script and direction. he proves it once more with this one. Neha Dhupia does what she is good at, which is to try and look good and anxious. This movie reminded me of another gem of a movie called Waisa bhi hota hai part 2 and I could'nt help but compare. Waisa bhi hota hai was far superior primarily because of its script and performances. Ek Chalis Ki Last local loses out because of a not so great storyline. Been there done that. There are a few entertaining moements though, like the one where the underworld don is asking for his night companion and Nilesh speaks to himself about how women always get their way and then to his horror finds out that he is meant to be the consort !

The movie is worth a watch in spite of all its shortcomings, because it is a honest and simple effort. 


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