After the spectacular 300 (based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller), Zack Snyder returns to the screen with this intense comic hero caper- Watchmen.

Set in the 80s at the height of the USA-USSR cold war and threat of nuclear war, Watchmen is the tale of superheroes who are caught in the conflict of human nature.

The movie commences with the murder of an ex-super hero and then goes on to beautifully take you through time and story of a group of superheroes and how a legal act enacted by Ronald Regan forces superheros to retire or remove their masks or work for the government.

The murdered ex-superhero called the Comedian/Edward Blake (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) belonged to a group of superheros referred to as the minutemen and included the Silk Spectre/Sally Juper (Garla Cugino) , Rorschach/Walter Kovasc(Jackie Earle Haley) and Ozymandias/Adrian Veidt(Mathew Goode). Now the remaining members and offspring Nite Owl II/Dan Dreiberg(Patrick Wilson), Silk Spectre II/Sally Jupiter (Malin Akerman), Rorschach, Veidt and a scientist Dr Manhattan/Joe OSterman (Billy Crudup) are left to find out who is killing them and why. They also are faced with the fact escalating  threat of nuclear war. While each of them has a personal tale with all the facets of human nature involved, will they be able to find the mastermind who is bent of destruction, will they be able to save earth from destruction and save mankind ?

This is a very different comic hero story. Do not expect the normal comic hero capers. This movie is a complete alternative take on superheros. Based on a 12 part series,Watchmen takes you through the personal journey of some of its superheros, while keeping you on track of the main storyline. The movie is dark and intense with some excellent soundtrack pieces. Sadly I lost out on a lot of the intent of this mvoie for I went in expecting a normal exciting superhero flick or maybe I felt it so for I hadn't read the comic series before. I thought the movie to be painfully slow but in the 2nd half when I got a hang of the direction of the story I realized this film was no normal superhero flick. It looked at the larger picture of human nature and also looked at the global conflict which continues to this day in different forms and makes us ask the question- what is the price we are willing to pay for what we want ?

Visually stunning, the movie has no performance to complain about and yes it is rated for Adults only due to some sexual scenes. the movie is meant for mature audiences and keeping this in mind, the tale seems to be treated well. The superheros and the tale are handled with a maturity that is only used for stories meant for an adult audience and not for school going fascinated with comics crowd. In the end I regret going to this movie without reading up on it at all, for I feel I lost out on the essence. All in all, quite a watchable movie if you are interested in understanding the 'logic' behind the entire superhero saga.

Is it worth watching ? I think so although it is slow paced with a lot of dialogue. You decide !


This is England

Watched this movie in my record breaking (?) 30+ movie watch in the last 30 days. yeah, thats a quite a number. Been just doing work, surfing, watching movies and a bit of sleeping.

Caught this on DVD from my awesome video library called 'Habitat' on Church Street in Bangalore, India. The library offers me a wide choice of English, Hindi and European Cinema.

This is England is written & directed by Shane Meadows. Released in 2006, the film is set in the 80's where Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) a 12 year old who lost his father in the Falklands war lives with his mother Cynth (Jo Hartley) in England. The film commences with a montage giving you a view of the political and social scenario at the time. Margaret thatcher features prominently as a larger than life influence on the scenario.

12 year Shaun is new to school and is bullied for his short stature and oldish clothes. Missing his father and trying to understand the world around him, Shaun one day comes across Woody (Joe Gilgun) and his pack of friends who are what is referred to as 'skinheads'. They are good natured, misguided youth and have a Jamaican in their pack too in spite of their claim to 'skinhead' fame. Shaun now discovers a new world of jeans, Doc martin shoes, chequered shirts, suspenders and girls. All is fun and frolick till Combo (Stephen Graham) arrives on the streets, back from jail. Combo is a  radical skinhead who wants to do more than play hooky and vandalize abandoned buildings. The arrival of Combo splits the group and brings Shaun dangerously close to the militant racist community in England who believe the outsiders are taking away their jobs. Shaun who is teetering at the brink of teenage hood, is lost and wanders through this new experience finally leading to a intense climax and learning.

The movie reminded me a lot of American History X (remember Edward Norton in a beautiful performance as a 'skinhead' ?) but also differed in bringing to screen the innocence and confusion of a 12 year old. Thomas Turgoose plays the role of 12 year Shaun brilliantly who is innocent, close to his liberal mother and yet fascinated by the hate speeches and militant racist gangs. The story is wonderfully scripted and takes you on a journey of sentiments as seen through the eyes of 12 year old Shaun. The performances all round are nice. The story is simple and non-pretentious. The film is a simple and in a way silent commentary on the socio-political atmosphere of the Thatcher era. 

I was amused and intrigued by the performance of the central character Shaun and also was thoughtful that most things have not changed much since then. A DVD worth getting hold of and spending a thoughtful couple of hours on. Is it worth watching ? One should watch, I would say. You decide !


Letter to a Danny Boyle Basher

Dear  XX XXX

Your view is completely biased and hypocritical. So what if Danny Boyle made a movie on the slums. Do other film makers not choose subjects that are of interest and will sell? A film is a film, a story told in the form of audio visual media. What is wrong in telling a story the way the film maker wants to? Does Danny Boyle hold responsibility for upholding the image of a city or a community? Have we elected him into office or have we commissioned him with funds to make movies that improve out brand image. Why cannot we just appreciate good storytelling? Don't you pay money to watch stories told by Indian film makers of Indians in New York or England where all foreigners are either shown as drugged sex crazed violent people or as racist? They may or may not be. Does Slumdog Millionaire not show the two Indias that in reality exist? While it shows the grime of the slums, does it now show the high-rise apartments and the booming cities of Mumbai and Agra

Do you mean to say poverty does not exist in India? Should films only showcase the shining side of India? Should we turn a blind eye to the other side? What stops our film makers from making films where the Indian city plays an important role? In recent times Dev D (Delhi), Delhi-6 (Delhi), Gulaal (Rajasthan/Rajpur(fictional)) are the only ones where an Indian city/setting plays a role in the movie. Let us not bring down a film maker for choosing to tell a story whether we like it or not. Believe it or not, a lot more people know the name 'Mumbai' and that it is a city in India, thanks to Slumdog. Isn't that branding enough? And if you are worried about perception, ask around- how many Indians after watching Sopranos think New Jersey is filled with gangsters? Most would right? But do you think the educated Indian is not aware that any city/country has multiple facts to life. Give westerners the same benefit of doubt please. I can go on and on but would only plead with you all to enjoy the beautiful form of storytelling called cinema. Do not try and find meaning beyond what is meant to be. Let the politicians do what they are good at doing and do not find causes where none exist.


Confessions of a Shopaholic

I confess. I am a shopaholic. When I am in a DVD store or a gadget store, I end up buying a lot that I want, not necessarily need and my credit cards make that happen.

Confessions of a Shopaholic is based on two books, one by the same name and other called  Shopaholic takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella. The above confession is my own and the reason I started with it is because it helped me relate very well to the story of this chic-flick :) ! I hadn't read the book mind you, so I just wanted to sit back and watch a light entertaining film (after a disappointing Barah Aana).

Confessions of a Shopaholic, directed by P J hogan, starring Isla Fisher ( also starred in Wedding Daze) was that movie-light and entertaining. The story is of compulsive shopper Rebecca Bloomwood. She is a journalist. She also has 12 credit cards, comes from a family where her parents lived in thrift and propagated 'savings'. She lies her way by claiming to be from Finland, knowing Finnish and avoiding the debt collection agent Derek Smeath (Robert Stanton) and getting her credit cards bills read out by her room-mate and flat owner Suze (Krysten Ritter). She just cannot avoid a sale or a shop display window. She is a shopaholic. 

She also has a dream, a dream to be part of Alette Taylor's (Kristin Scott Thomas) Magazine, the absolute empress when it comes to fashion. A chance encounter, a hilarious interview and a mix up of letters after a drunken binge ensures her article on women purchasing shoes reaches the editor of 'Successful Savings', Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy), smart, young, handsome, wealthy and very independent. She is hired to write on successful savings through use of metaphors that relate to shopaholics. 

What follows is a set of sweet and funny moments in an all so predictable story. Predictable it is but what wins it for the movie is that it sticks to what is and does not try and become something else. It tells a story, keeps you involved and entertained and you almost think back to your own shopping binges. Thomas Goodman and Joan Cusack as Rebecca's parents put in a good performance and so does Krysten Ritter. The movie is enjoyable and entertaining, nothing more. Do not expect the roller coaster of Devil wears Prada, just lie back and enjoy. Sweet and simple this movie is not brilliant piece of cinema but in typical Disney Pictures style tells you a lighthearted story.

Is it worth watching ? Maybe on DVD or TV if you cannot make it to the movies. You could decide too !


Barah Aana: Just an 'Aana' worth

When the movie commenced I liked it. I liked the slow unfolding of the three central characters, the thrilling background score and I thought - OK, here's a good movie and the trailers and posters were right.

Sadly this feeling lasted for only the first 15-20 minutes. Thereafter the movie became self indulgent without any thought for me. Why me ? because I was in the audience. I was watching the movie with expectations. Expectations of being entertained and being part of a story for 1.5-2 hours. I felt let down.

Written & Directed by Raja Menon, Barah Anna is the story of three characters Yadav (Vijay Raaz), Aman (Arjun Mathur) and Shukla (Naseeruddin Shah), a watchman, a waiter and a driver respectively. They each have a set of problems and needs and when Yadav by chance stumbles upon a lucrative crime opportunity, they all slowly get hooked and a crime of opportunity soon becomes their profession.  The first half of the movie is spent in developing the characters, their needs, their situations and their motivations. The background score is nice and really adds value to the scenes. It appears the film-maker shot the movie giving space for the score. Their crime caper leads them all to a brush with the law (obviously), but do they get caught by the long hands of the law or do they get away? For Shukla, the silent one has something in his past which may seem strange but makes sure there is no chance of imprisonment for him. For those of you who may still wish to watch this movie I will not reveal what that is, but will go on to share my views only.

The movie is so slow that it felt like a 3 hour boring student film (although a lot of students make better films). There are bits and parts of the movie which do evoke humour. My mind still swirls on what to make of this movie. I would definitely  not call it a Black comedy or a thriller comedy or even a comedy. Yes, it does have more shades of a thriller than a comedy. The character buildup goes on and on and you wonder when is the core of the plot going to come forth. if the movie was edited to 25 minutes it may have a made an awesome thriller/ironic film.

I am not expert but am just a normal movie watcher like all of you, so maybe I missed all the refinements and aesthetics that international juries seem to like, but sorry, a movie is made for the audience and in the cinema hall I was in, it did not seem that the audience was entertained or informed or educated largely. There are small elements like the not-speaking Shukla, the ever speaking Yadav and the hopelessly hopeful Aman which strike you and may even strike a chord with you but these little advantages get lost in this self indulgent movie. The actors do what they do best- act and they do it well, so no complaints there. Then what went wrong for me ? I thought the story was stretched beyond what it was meant to be and the space was filled with long rambling conversations. At the end of the movie you will realise the core of the movie is just two concepts. One to do with the 'law' and government records. The other being 'wants' of man becoming 'needs' leading man to desire and to act on achieving those desires.

Is it worth watching ? Definitely not, I think. You decide !


Brilliant composition of Conflict: Gulaal


The timely release of this movie around Holi (Festival of Colours in India celebrating the demise of demoness Holika in fire while the pious lad Prahalad escaped unscathed) one may be led to belive that this tale is centered on colour or festivity.

One will be truly mistaken for thinking so and the tagline Love..Power..Revolution carried in the movie posters will make sure you don’t make that mistake. 

Let me begin by saying I loved this movie and I will go on to tell you why. I watched the trailer for the first time at the screening of Dev D. I loved the trailer and was eagerly awaiting the release.  

Gulaal will be many things to many viewers. To me it was a musical composition of conflicts. Directed by Anurag Kashyap, Gulaal stars some of the finest actors of the generation and I presume are among Anurag's favorites too. Kay Kay Menon, Abhimanyu Singh (in Lakshya and Jannat), Mahie Gill (remember Paro in Dev D), Deepak Dobriyal (Omkara, Delhi-6, 13B), Piyush Mishra (Maqbool, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Dil Se), Adity Srivastav (Satya, Black Friday), Ayesha Mohan, Jesse Randhawa (Fashion) and a host of others star to perfection in this large story.

Dilip (Raja Choudhary) comes to college in Rajpur and has Ransa (Abhimanyu Singh) for a room mate. Ransa is chosen by Dukey Bana (Kay Kay Menon) to participate in the college elections for the post of General Secretary. Dukey spends his time with Madhuri (Mahie Gill) a wannabe actress rather than his own wife and has political ambitions which seem to have horrendous implications. Ransa, son of a King of the erstwhile Rajputana state and has cut off all ties with his father. His opponent is Kiran (Ayesha Mohan) sister of Karan (Aditya Srivastav) who both are illegitimate offspring of the erstwhile King, Ransa's father. Karan in his ambition for legitimacy pushes his siter to be ambitious and contest the elections. They are supported by Jadhwal (Pankaj Jha) who rags Dilip and the new teacher in college Anuja (Jesse Randhawa) by keeping them naked in a room. The ragging leads to a conflict between Ransa and Jadhwal which is settled temporarily by the involvement of Bhatti (Deepak Dobriyal) the lieutenant of Dukey Bana. The entire unfolding of characters, conflicts and story is viewed by Prithvi bana (Piyush Mishra) who is the elder brother of Dukey but is lost in his own world of poetry and lyrics. He spews them forth and therein lay the true story of Gulaal.

The stage is set by introducing all these interesting characters. The stage set, the characters introduced, the conflicts unfold. Karan will go to any lengths to get legitimacy and power, even it means using his sister to seduce Dilip. Ransa will never accept his father's support nor will he be submissive to Dukey Bana. Dukey will never relent in his dream of a renewed state of Rajputana even if it means revolting against the democratic government of India. Anuja leaves her affection for Dilip as a mere speculation for the audience and you will never really understand the conflicts in her mind. Dilip is dragged into politics, passion and revenge deeper than he ever imagined he would be. All these characters, their motivations, their conflicts come together for an explosive climax. Along the way, which is pretty long (2.5 hrs+ although you do not realize it) you see the world of Rajpur in Rajasthan, the politics of college, the love of youth through the eyes of many characters but none as strong as the maniacal lyrics of Piyush Mishra spoken through the character Prithvi Bana. Prithvi Bana ends up being the most powerful narrator whose metaphors and contemporary views come forth in a timely manner throughout the movie. 

I thought the second half and the climax could have been far better but then again I will be watching the movie again for I thought I did not grasp the complete power of the lyrics in correlation to the movie. The movie has been in the works from 2001 and is supposed to be close to Anurag's heart. A brilliant mix of characters, music, lyrics, motives, conflicts and performances is why I liked this movie.

Performances of Kay Kay Menon, Deepak Bobriyal, Abhimanyu Singh and Piyush Mishra will stand out. Abhimanyu Singh as Ransa, the young brash Rajput will stay in your mind long after you leave the theatre. A must watch for people who love cinema, politics.

With Black Friday, Dev D and Gulaal, Anurag Kashyap is easily amongst the most exciting film-makers in india today. He would come close to being the Tarantino of Indian cinema.

Many a similarity between the caste-territorial politics in the movie and real life politics in India can be found. Do not get yourself worked up by that though. Just sit back and enjoy. Is it worth watching ? You decide.



Gulaal: Is it Worth Watching ?

Definitely ! After DEV D, another Brilliant piece of cinema from Anurag Kashyap. Will tell you tomorrow why I like both DEV D and Gulaal so much.



Anurag Kashyap and Abhay Deol take the goold old premise of Devdas (the eternal idol of love who gives up life to drink in despair at not getting his love. Immortalized by the creation of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhya) set it in the modern day stretching from the factories of Punjab to the grimy underbelly of Delhi, and produce an entertaining, believable story of 3 souls on a journey with inter crossing paths.

Dev (Abhay Deol) returns from London to his wealthy family in Punjab. He returns hoping to complete the sexual tryst with childhood friend Paro (Mahie Gill) who chatted with him and sent him her nude pictures while he was abroad. Paro is the duaghter of the Manager of the business run by Dev's family. Will Dev and Paro come together and consummate their passion ? Will this result in a never ending saga of love ?

Meanwhile a MMS  (Multimedia Message Service) scandal brings Chanda (Kalki Koechlin) to Delhi and into the midst of some foreigners who by night ply the world's oldest trade but by name are normal college going women. All this under the helpful guidance of Chunni (Dibyendu Bhattacharya).  Will Chanda make her way in this world and achieve the understanding , love and support that she seeks?

Dev, Paro and Chanda. Their paths come together after Paro gets married following a misunderstanding with Dev. In the resulting anger and frustration Dev takes to having bottles of Vodka, raw and moves to Delhi. In a continuing spiral of Liquor, Drugs and loneliness Dev is spotted by Chunni who is ever watchful for rich young men with a hunger that he provides solutions for. Dev meets Chanda.  Dev continues in his quest for love accompanied by his bottles of liquor and drugs. His downward spiral sets of a series of incidents that result in him being alienated from his family, ignored by Paro and distanced from Chanda.

Will Dev, in classic Devdas style go down in despair, drink and drugs ? Watch this awesome film if you haven't done so already. The music is breathtaking and plays a parallel role to the character Dev. The Twilight band who appear throughout the movie at all crucial junctures also put in a choreography for the song 'Pardesi' is quite cool.  The story has taken a few real live instances that happened in India like the MMS Scandal, death of footpath dwellers due to a drunken driver etc and made them key elements to the narrative in a seamless manner. Abhay Deol in his glasses, a jacket and a side bag plays the part to perfection and presents a version of Devdas you would find believable. Mahie Gill is brilliant as Paro and Kalki Koechlin as the foreign prostitute does a great job. All in all, a perfect film with awesome music. Dibyendu Bhattachya ethces a cool Chunni. He was in Monsoon Wedding. Black friday, Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal and a few more. You recognize him ? probably not, but after this you film you surely will. 

Produced under the banner UTV Spotboy and Bindass, directed by Anurag Kashyap, Music by Amit Trivedi (also did Aamir) the movie is one more from the stable of UTV Pictures that is low budget, high value. I love this movie and you can be sure I will buy the DVD when it come out. Is it worth watching ? You decide.


Filmfare Awards

I got to watch the Filmfare Awards on Sony Television at 2000 hrs India time on Sunday. The Filmfare awards are considered the most established and oldest award functions in the Indian Film Industry. Obviously its a great brand and does much for the magazine formerly owned by the Times Group, a media house in India. About the Awards themselves, they are popular awards and frankly I never am in favour of 'popular' awards as they leave too much to chance and public opinion.

The Awards telecast itself was nice with some great hosting by the younger generation of actors Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. Thankfully we did not have hosts like Sajjid Khan or the kind of crass conversation that he and his sister pass off as humour (watched the Star Screen Awards where Sajjid and Farah rightfully got put in their place by Ashuthosh Gowariker?). All in all lots of entertainment. What I don't like about these Award shows is that they are made more as TV Entertainment and TV Content rather than honouring the craft.

With Indians winning the Oscars maybe things will change. And no I do not think the Oscars are perfect either, but yes, I do enjoy them and do give them some credibility.

You can view all winners of this year and past years here


Revolutionary Road

Sam Mendes returns with this directorial work after Road to Perdition. You would recollect American Beauty dealt with the complexities of relationships, undercurrents of desires in suburban America. Road to Perdition explored the complexities of relationships, relationships between a father and son, and a father-son like relationship between a mobster and his hit man, all culminating towards a violent climax.

In Revolutionary Road, Sam Mendes once again takes you on a journey of relationships. Set in the background of small town America in the mid-50s, Revolutionary Road is the story of a married couple Frank Wheeler (Leonardo DiCaprio) and April Wheeler who come to live to Revolutionary Road after their marriage. The couple could be just any couple. Justin Haythe creates a screenplay based on the novel by Richard Yates that present these characters as real and believable. They could represent any couple in any town in any era.

The tale is about lost dreams, new found desires and the will to carry on with life. April who wanted to be an actress gives up her dream after marriage. Frank lives the normal life of a bread-winning husband and loving father. They live in a beautiful house with friendly neighbours. All is not as well as it seems though. Beneath the normal, boring exterior lies many an unfulfilled desire. The desire to follow a dream, the desire to make something out of life. These desires find an outflow with a plan to move to Paris. A sequence of events follow that do not make it as easy as that. Will the couple be able to chase their dream? Is it their dream ? The movie begins slow but then takes you on a thoughtful journey to a dark and compelling ending.

A host of other characters such as the disturbed John Givings (Michael Shannon) who is like the conscience of free will and dreams and Shep Campbell (David Harbour) the neighbour and war buddy of Frank have pivotal roles to play. Sam Mendes pays wonderful attention to detail and you are transported to the mid-50s with ease.

A movie worth watching if you believe in relationships and more importantly if you believe that the pressures of living a life takes a toll on living the life you desired. I would give a thumbs up for Revolutionary Road.


Other Recent Flicks at the Theatres

Pink Panther 2

Disappointing with its not so funny jokes. Steve Martin does not make you laugh much with his accent and cliches. Aishwarya Rai appears in a role and gives a performance that does nothing much for her, the movie, the Indian Film Industry or the audience. The rest of the cast do as much as they can. All in all, if you miss this one you miss nothing much.


A Hindi movie directed by Vikram Kumar and starring R Madhavan and Neetu Chandra along with a host of other TV actors, the film is refreshing for its mix of horror and thriller. The airwaves of the idiot box (the beloved TV) being the medium of communication for spirits is a new one for Hindi cinema (though quite done to death in Western cinema). The film sadly lacks soul and purpose and what could have been a tight, thriller turns out to be a boring first half with a slow pace, couple of ridiculous songs thrown in and some jerky camera shots.

Delhi 6

Eagerly awaited after Rang De Basanti, Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra brings us Delhi 6. 6 being the postal code of old Delhi. Some great music from A R Rahman, interesting visuals made this movie eagerly awaited. The movie builds very well introducing a bunch of interesting characters and takes you through a cinematic journey of Delhi. The performances are great. Sonam Kapoor puts in a good performance and is immensely likable. Sadly, the movie's 2nd half threw me off. The movie tries and deals with too many messages right from superstition to religion to commmunal harmony to aspirations.

The biggest grossing movie in Indian cinema. Need I say more. Strangely enough this movie is a one-watch movie. All the marketing and promotions surely did pay off since it is a potboiler of entertainment worth one watch. Based on Christopher Nolan's Memento, and a remake of the movie Gahjini in Tamil, Aamir Khan as the central character who has short term memory after a tragic incident and thirsty for revenge puts in a spellbinding performance. Aamir proves once more that he can make any role his own. Good performances from Pradeep Rawat (as Ghajini) and Asin as well as the melodious music make this movie a must watch, once at least.


Slumdog Millionaire: great cinema ?

Why did Slumdog Millionaire win so many awards ?
a) It is a brilliant movie
b) It is made by Danny Boyle
c)It is a well made movie
d) It is destiny

Everybody I have met and spoken to about this movie has a view. Even people who have not watched it have a view. But the answer to the above question ? The answers vary. I personally would go with C while also admitting that answers B and D have bigger roles to play. Choice of Answer A definitely it is not and why is that you may ask. I shall tell you. For us who are used to being carried away for 3 hours into a world of dreams where even the poorest of souls rises to be the richest of men is nothing new. For us who are used to being part of romances where the protagonist leaves everything in search of true love, nothing is new in Slumdog.

What is new in Slumdog is that a movie is well made technically, the story is set in India, the characters are all Indian, the music fits in well with the movie and the story highlights most interesting aspects of society that cinematic-ally interest western audiences. This is not my attempt to be politically correct, but at this point in my narrative I will take a couple of sentences to point out our own hypocrisy. We protest saying it is not an Indian film, it does not show India in true light. time to ask ourselves, would we have given as much attention if an Indian film-maker had made a film set in India in English ? Is it the job of a western film-maker to do perception management of our country when our own film makers shoot stories set in foreign locales and if not have songs pictured in South Africa and Europe ?
If we are to leave the politics and the publicity aside, Slumdog Millionaire is a good film. It picks a story. A story of aspirations an dreams. It marries the many elements of cinema including the background score very well and presents a package that is refreshing. It introduces a host of new faces who prove that acting and stardom are mostly separate paths.

Does this film promote India ? Answer to that is - Hello ! It is a film. It is entertainment. It is a story. Watch it, enjoy it. Indians feel happy that it has improved the brand recall of India and Mumabi and more importantly it was the vehicle for India's musical genius A R Rahma & Resul Pokutty to get the Oscars. When was the last time we knew the name of a film editor, or of a sound mixer or a sound engineer ? It may be the responsibility of the film-maker to be sensitive to cultures and communities but the film maker does not hold the overriding responsibility to do what the governments and citizens of a country are supposed to do.

It is time to just lie back and enjoy cinema and the art of storytelling.

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