Barah Aana: Just an 'Aana' worth

When the movie commenced I liked it. I liked the slow unfolding of the three central characters, the thrilling background score and I thought - OK, here's a good movie and the trailers and posters were right.

Sadly this feeling lasted for only the first 15-20 minutes. Thereafter the movie became self indulgent without any thought for me. Why me ? because I was in the audience. I was watching the movie with expectations. Expectations of being entertained and being part of a story for 1.5-2 hours. I felt let down.

Written & Directed by Raja Menon, Barah Anna is the story of three characters Yadav (Vijay Raaz), Aman (Arjun Mathur) and Shukla (Naseeruddin Shah), a watchman, a waiter and a driver respectively. They each have a set of problems and needs and when Yadav by chance stumbles upon a lucrative crime opportunity, they all slowly get hooked and a crime of opportunity soon becomes their profession.  The first half of the movie is spent in developing the characters, their needs, their situations and their motivations. The background score is nice and really adds value to the scenes. It appears the film-maker shot the movie giving space for the score. Their crime caper leads them all to a brush with the law (obviously), but do they get caught by the long hands of the law or do they get away? For Shukla, the silent one has something in his past which may seem strange but makes sure there is no chance of imprisonment for him. For those of you who may still wish to watch this movie I will not reveal what that is, but will go on to share my views only.

The movie is so slow that it felt like a 3 hour boring student film (although a lot of students make better films). There are bits and parts of the movie which do evoke humour. My mind still swirls on what to make of this movie. I would definitely  not call it a Black comedy or a thriller comedy or even a comedy. Yes, it does have more shades of a thriller than a comedy. The character buildup goes on and on and you wonder when is the core of the plot going to come forth. if the movie was edited to 25 minutes it may have a made an awesome thriller/ironic film.

I am not expert but am just a normal movie watcher like all of you, so maybe I missed all the refinements and aesthetics that international juries seem to like, but sorry, a movie is made for the audience and in the cinema hall I was in, it did not seem that the audience was entertained or informed or educated largely. There are small elements like the not-speaking Shukla, the ever speaking Yadav and the hopelessly hopeful Aman which strike you and may even strike a chord with you but these little advantages get lost in this self indulgent movie. The actors do what they do best- act and they do it well, so no complaints there. Then what went wrong for me ? I thought the story was stretched beyond what it was meant to be and the space was filled with long rambling conversations. At the end of the movie you will realise the core of the movie is just two concepts. One to do with the 'law' and government records. The other being 'wants' of man becoming 'needs' leading man to desire and to act on achieving those desires.

Is it worth watching ? Definitely not, I think. You decide !


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