Confessions of a Shopaholic

I confess. I am a shopaholic. When I am in a DVD store or a gadget store, I end up buying a lot that I want, not necessarily need and my credit cards make that happen.

Confessions of a Shopaholic is based on two books, one by the same name and other called  Shopaholic takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella. The above confession is my own and the reason I started with it is because it helped me relate very well to the story of this chic-flick :) ! I hadn't read the book mind you, so I just wanted to sit back and watch a light entertaining film (after a disappointing Barah Aana).

Confessions of a Shopaholic, directed by P J hogan, starring Isla Fisher ( also starred in Wedding Daze) was that movie-light and entertaining. The story is of compulsive shopper Rebecca Bloomwood. She is a journalist. She also has 12 credit cards, comes from a family where her parents lived in thrift and propagated 'savings'. She lies her way by claiming to be from Finland, knowing Finnish and avoiding the debt collection agent Derek Smeath (Robert Stanton) and getting her credit cards bills read out by her room-mate and flat owner Suze (Krysten Ritter). She just cannot avoid a sale or a shop display window. She is a shopaholic. 

She also has a dream, a dream to be part of Alette Taylor's (Kristin Scott Thomas) Magazine, the absolute empress when it comes to fashion. A chance encounter, a hilarious interview and a mix up of letters after a drunken binge ensures her article on women purchasing shoes reaches the editor of 'Successful Savings', Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy), smart, young, handsome, wealthy and very independent. She is hired to write on successful savings through use of metaphors that relate to shopaholics. 

What follows is a set of sweet and funny moments in an all so predictable story. Predictable it is but what wins it for the movie is that it sticks to what is and does not try and become something else. It tells a story, keeps you involved and entertained and you almost think back to your own shopping binges. Thomas Goodman and Joan Cusack as Rebecca's parents put in a good performance and so does Krysten Ritter. The movie is enjoyable and entertaining, nothing more. Do not expect the roller coaster of Devil wears Prada, just lie back and enjoy. Sweet and simple this movie is not brilliant piece of cinema but in typical Disney Pictures style tells you a lighthearted story.

Is it worth watching ? Maybe on DVD or TV if you cannot make it to the movies. You could decide too !


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