Letter to a Danny Boyle Basher

Dear  XX XXX

Your view is completely biased and hypocritical. So what if Danny Boyle made a movie on the slums. Do other film makers not choose subjects that are of interest and will sell? A film is a film, a story told in the form of audio visual media. What is wrong in telling a story the way the film maker wants to? Does Danny Boyle hold responsibility for upholding the image of a city or a community? Have we elected him into office or have we commissioned him with funds to make movies that improve out brand image. Why cannot we just appreciate good storytelling? Don't you pay money to watch stories told by Indian film makers of Indians in New York or England where all foreigners are either shown as drugged sex crazed violent people or as racist? They may or may not be. Does Slumdog Millionaire not show the two Indias that in reality exist? While it shows the grime of the slums, does it now show the high-rise apartments and the booming cities of Mumbai and Agra

Do you mean to say poverty does not exist in India? Should films only showcase the shining side of India? Should we turn a blind eye to the other side? What stops our film makers from making films where the Indian city plays an important role? In recent times Dev D (Delhi), Delhi-6 (Delhi), Gulaal (Rajasthan/Rajpur(fictional)) are the only ones where an Indian city/setting plays a role in the movie. Let us not bring down a film maker for choosing to tell a story whether we like it or not. Believe it or not, a lot more people know the name 'Mumbai' and that it is a city in India, thanks to Slumdog. Isn't that branding enough? And if you are worried about perception, ask around- how many Indians after watching Sopranos think New Jersey is filled with gangsters? Most would right? But do you think the educated Indian is not aware that any city/country has multiple facts to life. Give westerners the same benefit of doubt please. I can go on and on but would only plead with you all to enjoy the beautiful form of storytelling called cinema. Do not try and find meaning beyond what is meant to be. Let the politicians do what they are good at doing and do not find causes where none exist.


Anonymous,  March 30, 2009 at 1:12 AM  

Good one ved...

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