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Pink Panther 2

Disappointing with its not so funny jokes. Steve Martin does not make you laugh much with his accent and cliches. Aishwarya Rai appears in a role and gives a performance that does nothing much for her, the movie, the Indian Film Industry or the audience. The rest of the cast do as much as they can. All in all, if you miss this one you miss nothing much.


A Hindi movie directed by Vikram Kumar and starring R Madhavan and Neetu Chandra along with a host of other TV actors, the film is refreshing for its mix of horror and thriller. The airwaves of the idiot box (the beloved TV) being the medium of communication for spirits is a new one for Hindi cinema (though quite done to death in Western cinema). The film sadly lacks soul and purpose and what could have been a tight, thriller turns out to be a boring first half with a slow pace, couple of ridiculous songs thrown in and some jerky camera shots.

Delhi 6

Eagerly awaited after Rang De Basanti, Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra brings us Delhi 6. 6 being the postal code of old Delhi. Some great music from A R Rahman, interesting visuals made this movie eagerly awaited. The movie builds very well introducing a bunch of interesting characters and takes you through a cinematic journey of Delhi. The performances are great. Sonam Kapoor puts in a good performance and is immensely likable. Sadly, the movie's 2nd half threw me off. The movie tries and deals with too many messages right from superstition to religion to commmunal harmony to aspirations.

The biggest grossing movie in Indian cinema. Need I say more. Strangely enough this movie is a one-watch movie. All the marketing and promotions surely did pay off since it is a potboiler of entertainment worth one watch. Based on Christopher Nolan's Memento, and a remake of the movie Gahjini in Tamil, Aamir Khan as the central character who has short term memory after a tragic incident and thirsty for revenge puts in a spellbinding performance. Aamir proves once more that he can make any role his own. Good performances from Pradeep Rawat (as Ghajini) and Asin as well as the melodious music make this movie a must watch, once at least.


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