Revolutionary Road

Sam Mendes returns with this directorial work after Road to Perdition. You would recollect American Beauty dealt with the complexities of relationships, undercurrents of desires in suburban America. Road to Perdition explored the complexities of relationships, relationships between a father and son, and a father-son like relationship between a mobster and his hit man, all culminating towards a violent climax.

In Revolutionary Road, Sam Mendes once again takes you on a journey of relationships. Set in the background of small town America in the mid-50s, Revolutionary Road is the story of a married couple Frank Wheeler (Leonardo DiCaprio) and April Wheeler who come to live to Revolutionary Road after their marriage. The couple could be just any couple. Justin Haythe creates a screenplay based on the novel by Richard Yates that present these characters as real and believable. They could represent any couple in any town in any era.

The tale is about lost dreams, new found desires and the will to carry on with life. April who wanted to be an actress gives up her dream after marriage. Frank lives the normal life of a bread-winning husband and loving father. They live in a beautiful house with friendly neighbours. All is not as well as it seems though. Beneath the normal, boring exterior lies many an unfulfilled desire. The desire to follow a dream, the desire to make something out of life. These desires find an outflow with a plan to move to Paris. A sequence of events follow that do not make it as easy as that. Will the couple be able to chase their dream? Is it their dream ? The movie begins slow but then takes you on a thoughtful journey to a dark and compelling ending.

A host of other characters such as the disturbed John Givings (Michael Shannon) who is like the conscience of free will and dreams and Shep Campbell (David Harbour) the neighbour and war buddy of Frank have pivotal roles to play. Sam Mendes pays wonderful attention to detail and you are transported to the mid-50s with ease.

A movie worth watching if you believe in relationships and more importantly if you believe that the pressures of living a life takes a toll on living the life you desired. I would give a thumbs up for Revolutionary Road.


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