8 x 10 Tasveer

Nagesh Kukunoor tries his hand once again at a 'different' kind of film. This Hindi film made the news for the controversy between the producers and the distributors. The film's release was delayed and finally when it did come on screen, it was a treat due to the locations.

8x10 Tasveer is the story of Jai Puri (Akshay Kumar) who has this uncanny ability of looking at a photograph, choosing a person in the photo and seeing what happened just before the photo was taken. He is able to see it through the eyes of the person that he focuses on. All for a minute. Yup, you may wonder that my other Hindi watch this week Aa Dekhen Zara also dealt with something similar (photos showing the future though). Strange coincidence. I really didn't think about it till writing this post.

This movie, touted as a thriller is focused on Jai Puri finding out if his father was murdered and who the murderer is. All he has is a photo clicked moments before his father died. The list of suspects keep growing, from his mother Savitri (Sharmila), their family friend and lawyer Anil (Girish Karnad), his uncle Sundar (Anant Mahadevan), friend Adit (Rushad Rana) and even his live-in girlfriend Sheela (Ayesha Takia). 

The trailers once again were impressive. the movies goes well except for some silly sequences which appear to be shot only for gimmick value. For example the sequence at the beginning where Akshay Kumar apprehends a poacher and then leaps into a lake from a huge cliff just to get hold of the bear trap the poacher throws away was a little far fetched. This and many more in the 2nd half of the movie pull down what could have been an awesome thriller. The first half of this movie goes well. In the 2nd half it meanders into territory far too familiar in Hindi cinema. Everybody is made a suspect. Lots of shots of faceless intruders makes you almost tear your hair out in frustration. You also have the very irritating and sometimes amusing Javed Jaffery as the eccentric detective Pasha alias Happi with a i (as he keeps repeating in the movie) who seems faintly modeled after the detective Monk (series on Star World) in his obsessive compulsive disorder. The performances are nothing spectacular. Akshay Kumar tries his best but ultimately the script is just not strong enough to keep you hooked.

Whatever happened to simple straightforward thrillers where it is the story that is thrilling and not hidden faces that cause suspense. In the end this tale is predictable and you wonder why is Nagesh Kukunoor picking such beautiful subjects and then letting them run loose ? The outdoors of Canada are beautiful and are the only thing worth really the price of a ticket.

Is it worth Watching ? Nope. Did not think so. You watch and decide.


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