Aa Dekhen Zara

After the absolutely wonderful Johnny Gaddar, Neilnitin Mukesh returns to the screen to star in the Hindi thriller- Aa Dekhen Zara.

Directed by Jehangir Surti, Aa Dekhen Zara released in India in the midst of a tussle between Film Producers and Multiplex owners resulting in no new releases. Do not think it affected the fortunes of this film much though. I watched it on Showcase on TATASKY (my Direct-to-Home service provider) at 1:00 AM Friday. Yup, began my 3 day weekend with this.

Ray Acharya (Neil Nitin Mukesh) is a freelance wildlife photographer struggling to make a living in Mumbai. He is left a camera in inheritance by his grandfather. Ray goes around clicking a few photographs to see how the camera functions and then develops them in his own darkroom. Wonder of wonders, the photographs do not show what he clicked but show the subject's future as per the date set in the camera. This leads to Ray saving Simi (Bipasha Basu), a bar tender in a night club. It then strikes Ray that he can use the camera to foretell the future and make money on the lottery, the horse races and even betting the stock market and cricket. Voila, within 2 months Ray owns a Mercedes and a swanky house. All seems to be going well, when Ray finds out he is being watched, watched by people who want the camera and who have sent an assassin called Captain (Rahul Dev) after him. Will his camera foretell death ?

Shot in Mumbai and Bangkok, this first time effort from Director Jehangir Surti and writers Sheershank Anand and Shantanu Ray Chibber actually appears like an amateurish effort. The dialogues are hilarious in their dumbness and the screenplay is laborious and makes you yaawn. The story starts off with a lot of promise but loses its way not knowing how to handled a subject like this. It panders around and ends up becoming the usual masala potboiler where it did not matter if the core of the plot was a camera which photographed the future. Neil Nitin Mukesh looks completely lost without direction and it is indeed disappointing to see such talent misused. Bipasha Basu does not have much to do except dress up in horrendous clothes which make her look chunky and manly. Rahul Dev does nothing much either except trying to look menancing. The background or music score is no above average wonder either. There are too many logic flaws that you stop counting them. At the end of it all you wonder, why did the film trailer mislead you so much ? The trailer was far better than the actual movie after all.

Is it worth watching ? Definitely not. You could decide too!


Roshmi Sinha April 10, 2009 at 5:03 AM  

A very good review, indeed! The sad part is that I will have to strike off a name from my "to watch" list... must admit that I was looking forward to watching this movie... the trailers took me for a ride too!! From what you have written, it seems "Aa Dekhen Zara" could not quite live up to its name!!! What a pity!

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