Fast and the Furious 4

I couldn't get to the multiplex fast enough and I was absolutely furious at myself for sleeping too much and getting stuck in traffic. End result- I reached the movie right as the interval commenced. That's a first for me. Reaching at an interval in a movie I mean.

It would not be fair to give my views on a movie after viewing only the 2nd half of a film so I shall stick to only the 2nd half of the film. Fast and the furious 4 takes off from the first (and according to me, the best of the series). The conversation and flashback revealed that something happens to Letti (Michelle Rodriguez) that brings Toretto (Vin Diesel) out of hiding for some revenge. Brian O'Connor is back as a cop. Jordana Brewster returns as Toretto's pretty sister and O'connor's love interest Mia. The cops are out to bust a smuggling ring that does business across the US-Mexico border withan elusive leader called Braga. Dominic Toretto is out for revenge. A gang of Mexican smugglers, lots of cars a breathtaking car chase across the border at night, lots of fist fights, some morose acting from Vin Diesel and you have your typical action movie. Cannot say much since I missed the first half and I always thought the first movie in this franchise the best (haven't watched part 3- Tokyo drift yet though).

Is it worth watching ? I don't know


Ira April 7, 2009 at 1:17 AM  

No it wasnt worth watching. Vin diesel is as usual trying very hard to act all macho (i mean actors should know how to act). He was like Bipasha Basu, not even as good as a poster.

I thought Tokyo drift was bad till i watched this!! Its like thinking Karishma Kapoor is bad till you saw Kareena Kapoor.

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