The International

The drought of new releases multiplexes in India got some respite with the release of The International. 

The International is a not-so-fast-paced thriller starring Clive Owen as Interpol agent Louis Salinger and Naomi Watts as New York Assistant DA Eleanor Whitman. Directed by Tom Tykwer, The International is tale about the nexus between Bankers, arms dealers and subsequently international conflict.  

Agent Louis Salinger of the Interpol is obsessed with bringing down IBBC, an international bank based out of Luxembourg, Germany and headed byJonas Skarrsen (Ulrich Thomsen).  Agent Louis Salinger has had a past failure and disgrace while trying to bring down the bank. This apparently is one of the reasons for his obsession. The other of course being that a bank fuelling international conflict causing the death of millions is against all humanitarian feelings of the agent. He is supported in his mission by the Assistant DA Eleanor. Will they together be able to bring down a bank which owns the debt of countries, and thereby the countries themselves ? Will their efforts expose a bank that intelligence agencies, governments use ? 

Shuttling in between scenic locales of Germany, Turkey and the hustle bustle of New York, this movie focus on the fact it is money that fuels conflict, terrorism. Its basic premise reinforces the fact all and any financing of arms and war is ultimately going to bite us back. The performances are fine, though the movie is a little slow paced to be a conventional thriller. The plot is mostly predictable with hardly any surprises. the background score adds some thrill to the proceedings. Largely an intelligent thriller that was more suited for reading than viewing.

Is it worth watching ? With nothing else on now, yes I would say. You decide!


Roshmi Sinha April 29, 2009 at 8:59 AM  

Thats a good review... though any financing of arms and war cannot and will not stop, ever... This so-called war against terror can be won in no time if the defence equipment production is stopped... but that will sink the economies of a lot of powerful countries... right?

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