Leatherheads on DVD

George Clonney returns to helm and star in this light comedy, after the very serious Good Night, Good Luck (2005).

Leatherheads is the tale of one veteran footballer or should I say a tale of the development of professional football in America. Touted as a romantic comedy, this movie according to me was a lighthearted comedy which also wove in the almost documentary like tale of pro-football.

Jimmy Dodge Connelly (George Clooney) is the veteran footballer and captain of a small town team that is on the brink of collapse, thanks to dwindling funds, no sponsors and players more adept at bar room brawling than on-field tactics. Jimmy sees a way out if he is able to bring in war hero Carter Rutherfod (John Krasinki) and thereby all the paying spectators, thereby setting up the way for true professional football. Enter Lexie Littleton (Renee Zellweger) a reporter for the Tribune who is out to figure out if America's hero Carter did really single-handedly capture a whole German battalion. With the younger and popular Carter bringing in the crowds, the spunky and attractive Lexie, the crowds, the sponsors, the government attention all adding up thick and fast, Jimmy seems to be getting left behind. Or does he ?

The movie is entertaining largely because of its amusing dialogue, some deft direction and commendable performances of the whole cast. The production design is awesome and takes you back to the 1920s. The movie is shot with a lot of honesty and attention to detail. George Clooney, although the director and the bigger star does not take away screen space and fits into the tale with ease.  The dirt, grime and bodies thumping against each other in the middle of the game are so realistic you almost believe you are watching some old sports tapes.

Is it worth watching ? Definitely yes !


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