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In the lean times (refer to my previous post on the Bollywood producers strike), whats keeping India entertained ?

The News Channels. Yes, with their continous coverage of two mega events. The Indian Elections and The Indian Premier League (20-20 form of cricket being held in South Africa !). The IPL (owned by the Board for Control of Cricket in India) moved to South Africa because of logistical and management issues arising out of the elections. In a sense both of these mega events are closely interlinked. Both are forms of entertainment. both have serious money riding on them. Both have superstars in them. Both events get tons of coverage by news Channels. Both provide employment to scores of people. Both events provide additional employment to other personalities who become panelists of show hosts. With so many channels what else do you expect ?

Most of the panelists know lesser about the subject than the show hosts so the only ones talking sense are the actual participants (politicians or cricketers). On the topic of the IPL, the secret blogger from the Knight Riders team (allegedly) with his blog fakeiplplayer.blogspot.com is providing more entertainment than the actual tournament. With over 4000 followers, the blogger has promised to reveal his identity on the last match day of the Knight Riders. The blog is juicy, tabloid trash but yet entertaining for its style and for its supposed authenticity !

While we await better entertainment, watch the News Channels and keep surfing the blogs !


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