Star Trek: The Future begins

It was back to a brand new multiplex in Bangalore - Fame Adlabs-Shankarnag's Symphony. Bangaloreans and long time movie goers like me will know that Symphony Theatre (then Shankarnag's Symphony) on M G Road shut down and reopened as a multiplex sometime ago. The seats are wonderful. It was an absolute pleasure watching this movie on the cushioned lazyboys (seats).

You probably know where I am going with this movie. I could not hold back my excitement as the opening frames of the movie and I heard the familiar names of characters. It was like I was back in my boyhood days trying to catch an episode or two of Star Trek on TV. The movie did not disappoint.

Directed by J J Abrams, who is fast emerging as the Director to watch in the sci-fi genre, this movie is about the beginning of the legend of the starship USS Enterprise and the famous Captain James Kirk and Commander Spock. Who can forget the Vulcan Spock who could immobilize people with a mere touch. As kids we all wanted that power !

The story commences with the birth of James Kirk and the appearance of a fearsome enemy Captain Nero (Eric Bana) whose technology is far beyond what the starfleet (inter-galactic federation for peasce keeping across space) can imagine. With the dark space, immense black holes, concept of time and a lot of emotions thrown in you are taken into a story of how the famous crew came together.

While some may blame the movie for being too melodramatic and those familiar with Hindi cinema would see many a similarity with all the emotions and passions running strong but this is important and necessary considering that Spock (Zachary Quinto, remember Syler from Heroes ?) is of half-Vulcan and Half-Human parentage and Vulcans are unemotional people. In a sense this adventure is an awakening of the human side to Spock and thereby creating an opportunity for the long and deep friendship with Kirk (Chirs Pine).

Winona Ryder makes a comeback as Spock's mother. She is still a treat to watch and I wonder why she doesn't come on screen more often. Incidentally, the actor who made Spock immortal, Leonard Nimroy also appears in the movie and I won't tell you in what roles, so as to not give away the movie's plot. Strangely the very talented Karl Urban (Lord of the Rings, Bourne Supremacy) plays a not so significant part as the Doctor Bones and part of Kirk's crew. John Cho (Harold from Harold and Kumar series), Zoe Saldana (Curse of the Black Pearl) all appear and are likely to play important roles in the sequel.

This movie is a must watch if you have even a vague idea of the whole Star Trek legend. And if you actually have followed the series then there is no earthly reason you shouldn't watch this adventure unfold. Am already looking forward to the sequel and you can be sure I shall be going all out to get all the Discs of the previous movies and the TV series.

Is it worth watching ? Most definitely.


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