Flashbacks of a fool

Caught this on DVD. IF you want to know why I think Daniel Craig is a highly underrated actor watch this movie and Layer Cake. He is a good James Bond but Quantum of Solace did no great addition to his quality as an actor.

Written and Directed by Baillie Walsh, the film stars Harry Eden (from Oliver twist), Olivia Williams and many other well cast actors. The story is of Joe Scott (Daniel Craig), a once successful and popular actor who has now lost his credibility, thanks to a hedonistic lifestyle. With an increasing sense of loss of value and loss of self, Joe Scott is quickly reaching a point of self-destruction and self-disbelief when he receives news that his childhood friend Boots has died. The news and his conscience/personal assistant Eve (Ophelia Franklin) trigger off a flashback to his younger days. The viewer is taken back to a small sea-side town where the young Joe Scott (Harry Eden) is growing through his confusing teen years with his mother, his aunt, his young sister, his mother's friend Evelyn who is trying to seduce him, his friend Boots and the young Ruth Davies (Felicity Jones) whom he is attracted to. The characters, their life engrosses you and finally a shocking incident occurs that bring you back to the present Joe Scott.

Joe returns to his hometown which has changed quite a bit. He meets the people, rediscovers their lives. he comes across his teenage crush Ruth. The entire flashback and his visit have a profound impact on Joe. This entire journey is the flashback of a fool. The entire journey is interesting, engrossing and in many ways touching.

The tale of innocence found lost and regained is a sure shot success formula, if done well. Some great direction, acting and dialogues make it worth a watch. Take for example, when Eve is settling Joe's phone bills and remarks, "Why do you have to dial a 976 line (phone sex) ? You are the Joe Scott, you can have any woman you want ?" and Joe says, "At least there I can be someone else". This single dialogues gives you an insight into the pressure beneath the success that has driven Joe to a decadent lifestyle.

Is it worth Watching ? Definitely.


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