Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince

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Some would have been eagerly awaiting this sequel. After having finished reading all the books, since there are no more books coming, the movie is the only thing to watch out for. I am not a major Harry potter fan, i admit. I have read the books once and frankly find too many character flaws in Harry for him to be an icon or idol for children. I somehow have this impression that he does not do much, fainting at opportune moments and things just happen around him.

Harry potter and the Half Blood Prince is a laborious and long installment of the franchise. With the hunt for the half blood prince, the building army of the dark lord you are treated to long dialogues, some intense special effects. The adolescence of the characters is made more evident through the romantic overtures and mushy parts.

To put it very briefly, it is only the last 15 minutes of the movie that really matter and only an ardent Potter fan will feel pleased sitting through till then. The direction is fine, the production is fine. the actors are good in what they have to do. Alan Rickman continues to stand out as Severus Snape. Actually I think Snape is the most interesting character and if you have read the last part (Deathly hallows) you will know why. In this movie, there is a little less of magic, more of hormones and some very special make-up. the absolutely delicious Helena Botham carter makes an appearance too.

Emma Watson is so cute and when I read rumors that she would quit acting, I shed a tear.
Is it worth watching ? yes, if you are a potter fan. if not, giving it a miss will not hurt you much


Saira August 5, 2009 at 2:09 AM  

I have not read any harry potter books... but enjoyed watching all the harry potter movies... but this one was a sure disappointment... there are many who liked it... i didnt!
and i don't see a point in enjoying the movie only if you read the book... i believe the movie should entertain us irrespective of the book!

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