Some time ago I had briefly mentioned this movie 'Luck'. If you recollect, I had mentioned that the trailers were impressive and seemed to show scenes from Intacto and 13 Tzameti and a whole lot of actors.

It happened to be my bad luck to have paid around INR 150/- to watch this movie. A movie which is all about Sunjay Dutt as Karim Moosa, the man with all the luck, walking impressively in slow motion. A movie where the word luck is used at least 350 times. A movie which in spite of being an action movie, has volume of dialogues like a mountain compared to the molehill of actual action. A movie where most dialogues are one-liners. A movie with vast inconsistencies.

By now you would have realized where I am going with this one. I really wonder how Imran Khan (as Ram Mehra) and Sunjay Dutt agreed to do this movie. This also stars Danny Denzongpa, Mithun Chakraborty, Ravi Kishen, Chitrashi Rawat and Shruti Hassan is introduced too. Shruti Hassan reminds me of the immaculately designed characters in video game movies- all looks, no expressions. Ravi Kishen does well as the psychotic criminal. All these characters in the game of luck have one thing in common- they are immensely lucky. Moosa hosts a high stakes gambling game where punters bet on people's luck. Most or all of the contestants are extremely lucky, they do not know it and have some compulsion to make huge sums of money. While this is supposed to be the theme of the movie, there are hardly 5-6 contests that actually take place. Rest of the time goes in spewing one-liners and the slow motion entrances of Sunjay Dutt.

Watch 'The Condemned', 'Intacto' and '13 Tzameti' and you shall get your money's worth 10 fold. The movie has some interesting parts and could have been so much more better with some deft editing and re-scripting. For example, the movie could have started with the 13 Tzameti copied scene and then taken us into quick flashbacks of the central characters. The movie could have been crisper and racier.Well, I am just suggesting although I did not get any of the budget used to make up this movie. Yes. backseat driving is easy and so is commenting on a movie somebody else has made.

Only the title song is worth a hear. The stunts look amateurish and it seems like a few scenes from Fear Factor were taken, put together, and a story built around it. The movie unintentionally provides some moments of fun and I hope the director is listening.

Imran Khan is impressive but cannot save this movie. Nor can Sunjay Dutt or the rest of the cast. The good things in this movie are - Danny Denzongpa's Ray Bans, The title Song, cute Chitrashi Rawat (remember the Haraynvi girl from Chak De and the agent from Fashion ?) Shruti Hassan in a Bikini, Sunjay Dutt's entrances and Imran Khan's screen presence. This I have given in order of importance starting with the best.

Is it worth watching ? It may be your bad luck. Watch this movie at your own risk.

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Roshmi Sinha July 24, 2009 at 3:05 PM  

See... ?!! Didn't I tell you...???

I had predicted this on June 21st itself. And I'm no soothsayer...

Ved July 24, 2009 at 8:03 PM  

Yes you did. :) You know with Hindi movies, predicting becomes an art .

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