Based on a Novel by Jose Saramago, directed by Fernando Meirelles (who directed the Constant Gardener) this movie is outstanding in concept and idea.

I caught this on DVD over the weekend and was shaken. The movie is about a epidemic of blindness that strikes people. When an Ophthalmologist (mark Ruffalo) gets infected from a patient his wife (Julianne Moore) pretends to be sick from the blindness too when the government quarantines the infected. The blindness instead of being dark lets people only see bright whiteness. With no cure in sight while the outside world goes through the usual motions, the viewer is taken inside the quarantine facility. Trying to leave the facility means sure death by bullet of the guards.

The quarantine facility becomes a reflection of our society and is like a mirror to the quarantine we all exist in. When the infected increase and the food rations start to dwindle the Doctor's wife is the only sighted witness to the human behavior that unfolds.

I found the movie to be deeply disturbing because, in a manner it shows us what we would be like if there were no laws and civilization as we know it lost its threads of order. When we look around and see all the strife, chaos and bloodshed in the world which is largely driven by individuals and groups, it only frightens us. The story is simple, to the point, well directed and well enacted.

The movie is not just an entertainer but is a wake up call for all human beings.

Is it worth watching? Definitely yes. It has some disturbing and graphic scenes so do not watch with your kids.


Roshmi Sinha August 25, 2009 at 12:46 AM  

Haven't watched this. I'm no fan of "disturbing and graphic scenes"... we get plenty of them courtesy our news channels, newspapers, etc.

I prefer the following genres: classic, suspense, comedy, romance, rom-coms... and cartoons. The more, the merrier! :)

P.S. I watched the latest Sandra Bullock starrer "The Proposal" recently... its funny, though the direction could have been better and the ending handled differently.

Ved August 26, 2009 at 10:46 AM  

missed The Proposal. Your Genres are nice. I like them too

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