Dil Bole Hadippa

Saw this some time ago but missed out on writing about it. After watching the latest offering from Yash Raj Films your Dil does'nt exactly go 'Hadippa'. Yash Raj Films better look deep into their story writing department and make amends.

What 'Dil Bole Hadippa' does is, it gives you an average time-pass entertainer along the lines of WANTED. The tale is of a young Punjabi lass Veera Kaur (Rani Mukherjee) who wants to play cricket. There is a team whose owner Vikram Kapoor (Anupam Kher) calls his son Rohan (Shahid Kapoor) back from England where he plays cricket. It is his dream that the local team win the 'Aman' (peace) cup which is held annually between the local Punjabi team and a team from Pakistan. Unfortunately for Veera, the bias against women and the fact that it is a males only team forces her to dress up as Veer Pratap Singh. There follows the usual comic instances of mix ups with rohan falling for Veera and expecting veer to help out with the romance. Largely predictable, the tale does not do much. the only entertaining factor is Rani Mukherkjee, who looks fabulous and is absolutely adorable as Veer Pratap Singh. The rest of the cast puts in a standard performance. What makes sure that this movie does not rise above standard fare is the very basic story and unimaginative plot.

Is it worth watching ? Wait for it to come on TV.



This movie was awaited by many for various reasons. Produced by Boney Kapoor under his banner of SK Films Enterprises which has not done well since 'No Entry'. Directed by Prabhu Deva, the dancing superstar who was debuting in direction in Hindi with this film. The film is a remake of the Tamil and Telugu films titled 'Pokri' (which in English means hooligan). The main USP of the film is Salman Khan who has not had a great hit in recent times.

All these reasons and more made it attractive enough to go watch this flick. I must say I was surprised...pleasantly. The tale is of a toughie Radhe (Salman Khan) who gets embroiled in the Mumbai underworld war and ends up working for Gani Bhai (southie Prakash Raj) who is based out of Bangkok. Radhe is unbeatable and extremely violent. He mouths of one liners about his commitment and loyalty only to money etc. He falls in love with a young attractive middle class girl Jhanvi (Ayesha Takia) and their romance is threatened by Radhe's profession. Enter a lusty and corrupt police inspector Talpade (Mahesh manjrekar) who sets his dirty eyes on Jhanvi too. While the relationship and romance runs along amidst many an action sequence, incidents and situations force Gani Bhai to return to India and there follows a major twist in the tale bringing the story to its violent and fairly predictable climax.

The tale takes you back to the good old days of tough heroes who beats up dozens of villains single- handedly, the dancing hero and heroine who are transported in moments from one city to another continent for the dance, colorful underworld dons. In essence this movie is what we call a masala movie. It is honest and does not disappoint you. Salman Khan looks very energetic, fit and extremely suited for this role. Amazing taht at about the age of 40 he is able to do what he does. Ayesha Takia looks very good but appears a little too busty. Prakash Raj as Gani Bhai is absolutely hilarious and has done extremely well. His cold expression to his immediate hilarious turns are so entertaining that you cannot help but burst out into laughter. Mahesh Manjrekar is suited to the T for roles of lusty, perverted characters and he does that well in this movie too. The action is over the top but yet gives one a boyish glee while watching. The movie is pretty much predictable so while Prabhu Deva's direction is also good and the beginning of the movie reminds you of the one of the great movies on the underworld -Satya. There are a few action sequences where the camera is all over the place, but otherwise overall the movie is technically watchable. This movie is bound to turn the fortunes of Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia and Boney Kapoor (producer).

Is it worth watching ? Yes, for a taste of good old Hindi film masala.


Unnaipol Oruvan

I had mentioned previously about the Hindi hit 'A Wednesday' being remade in Tamil. I had also shared some photos from the Tamil film here. Unnaipol Oruvan stars Kamal Hassan (as the common man) and Mohanlal (as the Police commissioner ) and a few others.

The story has been adapted to Chennai very well. The retired Police Commissioner starts with recounting the strange case of when one day he received a phone call. The voice at the other end of the call says there are 6 bombs placed across crowded places at Chennai and will go off at 6 PM unless his instructions are followed. Then begins a journey of wits and intense conversations between the faceless/nameless person and the commissioner. The demands are simple, 4 captured terrorists are to be brought to a certain spot. Add to the mix 2 cops. One a controlled family man and the other a tough, brutal loner. Will they all be able to find the caller and stop the disaster that could follow ? The briskly paced thriller is going to give your answer.

While I follow Tamil I am not conversant or fluent with it so I must admit I missed out on the full impact of the dialogues and nuances of the language. The Tamil film stays pretty much loyal to the original Hindi version with some modifications to adapt to Chennai and a few added scenes and dialogues including a slightly prolonged interrogation scene of a explosives supplier. Mohanlal, with his strong screen presence and subtle expressions puts in a powerhouse performance. I cannot help but compare this to the Hindi version so would feel Mohanlal did better than Anupam Kher in the same role. Kamal Hassan is strangely controlled and composed and thankfully does not run riot with just a self-serving role and performance. Naseeruddin Shah was far more powerful as 'the common man' but then I may have gotten carried away due to my familiarity with Hindi in comparison to Tamil and the fact that the Hindi version was released first.n The background score is by Shruti Hassan and does justice to the movie. Director Chakri Toleti does a good job. You will only admire the original storywriter Neeraj Pandey for creating a thriller revolving around 2 central characters.

Is it worth watching ? yes.


Leverage does not leverage the viewer

The show which airs at 11PM IST on AXN does not have the punch. It's the usual thieves robbing from the thieves .

Nothing spectacular about it. run of the mill mostly.



Leverage on AXN

'Leverage' debuts tonite (9 Sep 09) in India on AXN at 11 PM. The creators of the show are Chris Downey and John Rogers. The storyline is about a gang of hi-tech crooks who steal from the wealthy and from the other crooks. It is a 2008 Tv series that telecasts in india in 2009 as usual :)

the trailer seemed interesting enough.

Is it worth watching ? Will tell you tomorrow



The Directorate of Film Festivals (Ministry of Information & Broadcasting), Government of India announced the Indian national film Awards.

Some notable and well known names were Chak De India, Taare Zameen par, Dharm, Om Shanti Om, gandhi my father, The last lear, Jab we met which won in various categories.

'Kanchivaram' a Tamil film won best movie and best actor (for Prakash Raj). The film directed by Priyadarshan is about the town's silk weaver community.

You can view the entire list of winners here


Wednesday in Tamil

If you are a Hindi movie goer you would have watched the brilliantly scripted and directed 'A Wednesday'. Neeraj Pandey debuted as writer and director with this Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher starrer. I loved this movie and you can read what I had written about it in Hindi Cinemas: Ups and Downs-A Wednesday

Now, the movie is remade in Tamil and is due for release soon. It is named -Unnai Pol Oruvan, I think and has Kamal Hassan in the lead role. I have shared below some stills from the movie. it looks very interesting indeed.

I got these pictures in an email forward and was unable to find any reference to it. The pictures carry a watermark which appears to be www.sify.com/movies. I visited the site but could not find reference to this movie so I acknowledge that the picture rights are with the portal or whoever the owner is and make no claim whatsoever on these pictures


The Final Destination

This movie could be injurious to your health. Both your mental and physical health.

There, the cat is out of the bag. I have said 'injurious to your mental health' so you will presume it is a pretty crappy movie. But how could it be injurious to your physical well-being ? Read on and you shall know.

Directed by David Ellis, this is the 4th installment in the series. The series has had one film every 3 years starting 2000 and with each installment having the same name. I quite liked the first 2 parts. After seeing the 3rd part I have forgotten which is which. After watching the 4th I sincerely hope they do not make any more.

The plot and storyline is very similar to the previous film. A youngster has a premonition of an accident at a race track. The premonition is absolutely detailed and bloody gory. After this premonition he (Bobby Campo) saves his friends and a whole group of people. Unfortunately death has a list and if your name is on it, then you cannot escape. What follows is a series of premonitions, bloody deaths and race against time and death to take you to the ending of this painful movie.

Imagine seeing a racing tire come tumbling from the sky and decimating a woman and they actually show you the body. Imagine watching a lady who get a stone through her eye in front of her screen kids. The writers let their writing & imagination go wild in this direction. If you are able to sit through the movie (I put in an effort!) in a multiplex you are likely to bang your head in frustration against the headrest in front of you. Watch out. you will hurt your head and you have already paid for the ticket. This is why I said this movie is injurious to your physical well being too.

I do watch horror flicks and gory flicks but somehow this movie unsettled me and I think that's because it absolutely nothing to keep it together. The concept is old (after 3 movies previously), the actors were plain and so basically it falls flat. if Kambaakth Ishq was the worst Bollywood movie I can recollect in recent times, then The Final Destination is surely the worst Hollywood movie I will recollect in recent times.

Is it worth watching ? NO NO NO NO

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