The Final Destination

This movie could be injurious to your health. Both your mental and physical health.

There, the cat is out of the bag. I have said 'injurious to your mental health' so you will presume it is a pretty crappy movie. But how could it be injurious to your physical well-being ? Read on and you shall know.

Directed by David Ellis, this is the 4th installment in the series. The series has had one film every 3 years starting 2000 and with each installment having the same name. I quite liked the first 2 parts. After seeing the 3rd part I have forgotten which is which. After watching the 4th I sincerely hope they do not make any more.

The plot and storyline is very similar to the previous film. A youngster has a premonition of an accident at a race track. The premonition is absolutely detailed and bloody gory. After this premonition he (Bobby Campo) saves his friends and a whole group of people. Unfortunately death has a list and if your name is on it, then you cannot escape. What follows is a series of premonitions, bloody deaths and race against time and death to take you to the ending of this painful movie.

Imagine seeing a racing tire come tumbling from the sky and decimating a woman and they actually show you the body. Imagine watching a lady who get a stone through her eye in front of her screen kids. The writers let their writing & imagination go wild in this direction. If you are able to sit through the movie (I put in an effort!) in a multiplex you are likely to bang your head in frustration against the headrest in front of you. Watch out. you will hurt your head and you have already paid for the ticket. This is why I said this movie is injurious to your physical well being too.

I do watch horror flicks and gory flicks but somehow this movie unsettled me and I think that's because it absolutely nothing to keep it together. The concept is old (after 3 movies previously), the actors were plain and so basically it falls flat. if Kambaakth Ishq was the worst Bollywood movie I can recollect in recent times, then The Final Destination is surely the worst Hollywood movie I will recollect in recent times.

Is it worth watching ? NO NO NO NO


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