Unnaipol Oruvan

I had mentioned previously about the Hindi hit 'A Wednesday' being remade in Tamil. I had also shared some photos from the Tamil film here. Unnaipol Oruvan stars Kamal Hassan (as the common man) and Mohanlal (as the Police commissioner ) and a few others.

The story has been adapted to Chennai very well. The retired Police Commissioner starts with recounting the strange case of when one day he received a phone call. The voice at the other end of the call says there are 6 bombs placed across crowded places at Chennai and will go off at 6 PM unless his instructions are followed. Then begins a journey of wits and intense conversations between the faceless/nameless person and the commissioner. The demands are simple, 4 captured terrorists are to be brought to a certain spot. Add to the mix 2 cops. One a controlled family man and the other a tough, brutal loner. Will they all be able to find the caller and stop the disaster that could follow ? The briskly paced thriller is going to give your answer.

While I follow Tamil I am not conversant or fluent with it so I must admit I missed out on the full impact of the dialogues and nuances of the language. The Tamil film stays pretty much loyal to the original Hindi version with some modifications to adapt to Chennai and a few added scenes and dialogues including a slightly prolonged interrogation scene of a explosives supplier. Mohanlal, with his strong screen presence and subtle expressions puts in a powerhouse performance. I cannot help but compare this to the Hindi version so would feel Mohanlal did better than Anupam Kher in the same role. Kamal Hassan is strangely controlled and composed and thankfully does not run riot with just a self-serving role and performance. Naseeruddin Shah was far more powerful as 'the common man' but then I may have gotten carried away due to my familiarity with Hindi in comparison to Tamil and the fact that the Hindi version was released first.n The background score is by Shruti Hassan and does justice to the movie. Director Chakri Toleti does a good job. You will only admire the original storywriter Neeraj Pandey for creating a thriller revolving around 2 central characters.

Is it worth watching ? yes.


Roshmi Sinha September 23, 2009 at 11:18 PM  

Hmmm. No chance of me catching this one. My knowledge and understanding of Tamil is zilch... !

The hindi version was great though...

P.S. Shubh Navaratri/Dussehra/Durga Puja!

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