Avatar in 3D rocks

A visual extravaganza like no other. A must watch in 3D

Avatar is a 14 year dream in the making which takes you into its dreamworld


Anonymous December 23, 2009 at 10:46 PM  

Yes Ved. Avatar - the concept is pretty good. But looks like a bore with kids because of the drag.

I think overall it was a good year for films this year.

Certainly Dev D, Inglorious Bestards (or however the German wishes to spell), transformers and many more of course.

I think you should list down what will go down as classics. It will help keep a track.

I would have done that, but would like to leave the job to the expert.

Roshmi Sinha January 9, 2010 at 5:50 AM  

Its an awesome movie. I watched it... once, and would like to watch it again.

The footprints of our great epics on this movie... is unmistakable. Its not just about 'green message'. There are several layers and messages in this movie. Essentially about the ancient vedic way of life, of doing one’s ‘dharma’ (and not worrying too much about the consequences), and following the path of rightousness.

The movie conveys... subtly... that the only way forward is to embrace the ancient vedic way of life.

The Vedic way of life is not a ‘religion’. It is a ‘philosophy of life’ or a ‘way of life’. The Vedas are not restricted to some books or scriptures. It is an assimilation of the accumulated knowledge of the ancients... over a period of time... or rather, through the ages. It is the knowledge which will ultimately prevail.

The Red Indians or the Australian aboriginals or even some of the extinct civilisations/cultures like the Mohicans... too followed a way of life similar to this.

This movie also highlights albeit subtly... as to how our own planet has come to its present condition.

As time passes, people will realise that the true faiths are the so-called pagan faiths/way of life.

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