Eagerly Awaited: Wall Street 2

Am eagerly awaiting the sequel to the very taut and interesting Wall Street. Ttitled Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, it brings back Michael Douglas as Gekko and also has Shia LeBouf in it.

View the trailer on IMDB. Description from IMDB is given below.


Emerging from a lengthy prison stint, Gordon Gekko finds himself on the outside of a world he once dominated. Looking to repair his damaged relationship with his daughter, Gekko forms an alliance with her fiancĂ© Jacob (Shia LaBeouf), and Jacob begins to see him as a father figure. But Jacob learns the hard way that Gekko – still a master manipulator and player – is after something very different from redemption.


An Experience - AVATAR

Amrita Tripathi gives her views on the 2nd highest grossing Hollywood blockbuster of all time !

Well, this is coming late but what a brilliant fantasy ride it was. While I realized that I had to continue it as some inevitable reasons let me come out of the show in middle of the movie and shut down my curious mind and let travel in another direction from the Navi’s , the Pandora and the amazing visual effects. I hit the show again this time for 3D and paying just 3 times of what I paid last and left the movie in between.

So, I am again into the theater meeting my nonetheless earlier experienced Navi’s kingdom through the eyes of James Cameron in 3D visuals. I am awestruck with the fairytale kind of situation in the Pandora, a planet some light years far from Earth which the Indian scientists want to conquer on and mix the Indian DNA’s to make people look alike the natives of Pandora called Navi’s (On earth AVATAR).

This was more like an experience than a movie, like a traverse which I wanted to continue for long but it had to end. I wish to again go and feel this entire multimedia instrumental work of the current technology which created this fantasy in front of my eyes.

The movie goes smooth by its storyline; the characters are played very well in sync with each other. The graphics are exemplary in today’s date. A movie like this comes once. Just another Titanic experience, which was of course brand new to movie watchers and this again a masterpiece by James Cameron.

A complete package of well done direction, screen play, background music, visual effects, photography makes it a must watch for all to experience the new phase in world’s Cinema. Like I said a fantasy trip which you would want to continue…


3 Idiots

Amrita Tripathi gives you her views on '3 Idiots'.

It’s been more than 2 weeks since '3 idiots' released and I watched it. Ever since have heard and read a lot about it including some really contradictory statements about the movie. The movie as the director & producer say have been brought to life by one of the most famous writer of this decade Chetan Bhagat. To add here I have read all his novels and find his writing as the one which the generation of this decade can relate to and enjoy reading…and yes of course with some amendments done in the story of '5 point some one'…Raj Kumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra bring this biggest laugh riot of 2009.

Reading and hearing reviews can put anyone under stress whether to actually what to interpret but despite all ado, this movie has done amazing business in its first week of release and has been a real success in entertaining the crowd. In my lexicon a good movie is the one which can hold you tight for 3 hours, can make you go through the various emotions and feelings, make you laugh, cry, scare and most of all entertain you, that you feel that spending and getting a ticket for this movie has not been waste.

3 idiots does exactly the same. Most recently I read the blog of renowned reporter and writer where its said that 3 idiots is the movie which can be hit in the nation of idiots, I truly disagree and believe that though Indian cinema has grown and is spread across the globe and is getting all accolades for its work but it isn’t so powerful to start preaching, a normal person goes to multiplex to just get out of the stress and pass the time with loved ones instead to get a lesson of life, for that we have the institutes, schools and art of life kind of places…

The Indian government and Indian Institutes like IIM and IIT are of world known acknowledgment and are respected by the world for its topnotch quality students who are leading the various arena of the current global market. The movie though points a finger towards the current education system and some of its drawbacks we have encountered but it is not to teach the institutes how they should function. It’s a normal comedy meant to make the public laugh and go back home, I don’t understand why all the fuzz about it.

I personally take this movie as a fantastic effort of displaying the fun part as well as the pressure held by any student. Each and every actor has done their part with full justice. Aamir as usual competes with his own self every time he is seen on the big screen and heads away with the triumph, Sharman Joshi and R Madhavan again show their expertise in bringing a smile on your face with their innocent acts in the movie. A true masala movie blending in the way a normal Hindi movie is made and displayed.

I personally rate this movie as one of the finest comedy and suggest all to go with your family and loved ones to go and enjoy the 3 hours and yeah please don’t take it seriously and expect it to preach anyone, after all that’s what such movies are all about just to have FUN…

Note: Please fasten your seat belts, some hilarious torments are expected while journey from take off till landing. Wish you a comic and hilarious flight..

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Raat Gayi Baat Gayi

Amrita Tripathi gives you her views on Raat Gayi Baat Gayi.

Raat gayi baat gayi….a fantastic movie with excellent sceanic timing, amazingly surprising suspense which takes you through the gut and shakes you up heel when you hold your stomach and do nothing but laugh and smile. The apparently look alike of the Hollywood hit “hangover” is quite much the same and gives the sedulous picturesque show of the marital crisis which can occur at the quite normal parties and people getting along in such parties. The maestro of like Rajat kapoor, Vinay ptahak are in excellent form and have given their perfect performance which is unmatched.

The movie is shown with broken strings where Rajat Kapoor tries to remember about the last night stand out with Neha Dhupia and is worried if his wife(Iravati) already know about it who has behaved quite furious since the morning he wakes up and is victim of the hangover of heavy drinking. Much to his demise his friends Amit (quite into the similar marital crisis and thrown away from the house by his wife: Anu Menon (akka channel V’s Lola Kutty)) and Dalip Tahil are of generally no help. He tries to find out about what happens last night. The amazingly well played characters by Navneet Nishan and Iravati adds more value and presents you a top masala free yet quite entertaining and keeping you intact with the flow of the movie.
If you expect it to be a sex comedy, telling you are gonna be disappointed, but this parcel of great entertainment will give you a jolt with its entirely different story and the climax which stands truly well for the example of suspense…

Saurabh Shukla has done all the justice to his directorial career with movie. Sudhir Mishra and Ranvir Shore (the NRI trying to catch up all the lime light, throwing his amazing funny dialogues) are quite impressive with just few scenes. Neha Dhupia looks stunning and sexy and leverages with great justice to her character and her graceful seductive moves definitely calls for appreciation.

I suggest you go watch this one and get fully entertained for the money you pay…

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