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Amrita Tripathi gives her views on the 2nd highest grossing Hollywood blockbuster of all time !

Well, this is coming late but what a brilliant fantasy ride it was. While I realized that I had to continue it as some inevitable reasons let me come out of the show in middle of the movie and shut down my curious mind and let travel in another direction from the Navi’s , the Pandora and the amazing visual effects. I hit the show again this time for 3D and paying just 3 times of what I paid last and left the movie in between.

So, I am again into the theater meeting my nonetheless earlier experienced Navi’s kingdom through the eyes of James Cameron in 3D visuals. I am awestruck with the fairytale kind of situation in the Pandora, a planet some light years far from Earth which the Indian scientists want to conquer on and mix the Indian DNA’s to make people look alike the natives of Pandora called Navi’s (On earth AVATAR).

This was more like an experience than a movie, like a traverse which I wanted to continue for long but it had to end. I wish to again go and feel this entire multimedia instrumental work of the current technology which created this fantasy in front of my eyes.

The movie goes smooth by its storyline; the characters are played very well in sync with each other. The graphics are exemplary in today’s date. A movie like this comes once. Just another Titanic experience, which was of course brand new to movie watchers and this again a masterpiece by James Cameron.

A complete package of well done direction, screen play, background music, visual effects, photography makes it a must watch for all to experience the new phase in world’s Cinema. Like I said a fantasy trip which you would want to continue…


Ved January 23, 2010 at 8:44 PM  

I agree. It is a visual extravaganza. I am watching again today and next week too :) More than the story what amazes if the way the film is made.

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