Teen Patti

Amrita Tripathi gives you the latest on Teen Patti.

Teen Patti, is the story of a mathematics professor Venkat Subramanium (Amitabh Bachchan) who is a perfectionist scholar in math and has rediscovered the randomness and has just 3 yeears left to retirement. With the suggestion and help of Professor Shantanu (R Madhavan) and three students he then tries to evaluate his thesis in practical sense and unveils the doors to the casinos and other underworld frames.

Starting it as an experiment they get trapped in a series of unpredictable situations, Prof Venkat starts getting a blackmail call which starts dictating when and where they should play. A good sequence of mystery is very well played out. The suspense is good and holds you for moments.

Later he gets the reward at Cambridge University, which he declines to accept, as he feels guilty for one of his student’s death and considers his knowledge as destructive and believes that knowledge should be constructively used.

Brilliant performance by AB like ever. In my view, no one else could have portrayed this role better than Big B, his presence itself makes the most of the scene. Tremendous energy and sync of the emotions.

R Madhavan is flawless and plays the negative shade very well in sync with his good persona and then the helper later in the movie. The new comers have justice to their roles and seem really confident in front of the camera.

Cinematography is world class and matches really well with the background music giving a pleasure to the audience in watching the phenomenal 3 hour flick.

My Ratings:
Direction - 4/5, story-line - 3/5, cinematography - 3.5/5, Music & background music - 3/5
Overall Rating - 3.5
Go for it to watch AB - 5/5 Ben Kingsley was good too.

Go for it and get the best out of your money.


Anonymous,  March 13, 2010 at 8:55 PM  

this movie is a crap

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