Badmaash Company | Amrita's review

Badmaash company, directorial and writing debut of Parmeet Sethi, under Yash raj Films banner, doesn't really succeeds by its storyline, cinematography, music etc etc.

The funda of the movie revolves around the current generation and their aspirations to reach the top by any means no matter how good or bad. The moral teaches what we learnt from Ramayana, the victory of truth over evil.

The picturization starting with the sub urbanized Bombay of 1994 to the connectivity of today’s youth was catchy but not so impressive.

Shahid’s presence on screen is apprehensive but not commendable. The rest of Anushka Sharam, Chang and Vir Das had done justice to their roles being the newcomers. Solid screen presence is of Anupam Kher portraying Shahid’s father in the movie, the artist of his caliber has the potential to convey the message with the gestures itself. It’s a boon to watch such artists acting.

Overall I would rate movie as 2.5 on 5.

P.S. Instead go for Iron Man 2. :)


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