The Karate Kid

You know how the movie is going to end. You know what the story is. You have seen the story before. Some of you would have watched 3 different parts of it before. Yet, this version entertains you because of the wonderful performance of Jaden Smith and the presence of Jackie Chan.

Directed by Harald Zwart, The Karate Kid is the contemporary version of the older Karate Kid stories. Dre parker (Jaden Smith) and his mother Sherry Parker (Taraji P Henson) move to China after Sherry gets to shift due to work. There among all the cultural differences seen through the eyes of Dre especially to do with the language and people, he gets to meet Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) a maintenance man who other than his tools also seems to know Kung Fu. After a few run-ins with a local group of boys and a challenge from their Kung-Fu teacher, Dre convinces Mr. Han to be his teacher and teach him Kung-Fu. In all the Karate Kid movies what always interests you is the training sequences more than the actual fights.

In this movie too, the visit to Wudang and the training thereafter is entertaining and you wish you had more of that. The climax and fights are pretty predictable. Like I said, the journey to the climax is what you will enjoy in this movie and any version of The Karate Kid which is made. Jaden Smith shows a maturity beyond his age in his acting and reminds you of his father Will Smith. Jackie Chan has aged gracefully and brings to the screen his quirky humor. The Chinese cast does well too.

An enjoyable movie. Is it worth watching ? Yes.


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