Robin Hood

Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe return together to the big screen. Bringing to you the tale of Robin Hood.

Watched this on a lazy sunday afternoon and followed it up with Karate Kid so expect some of the comparison to seep through in my review. Russell Crowe plays Robin Longstride (later to be know as Robin of Loxly and then Robin of the Hood). If you are expecting to see the matching of wits and battles between Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham which kept you enthralled in your childhood ays, you can forget about it. This movie deals with the making of Robin Hood, from being a soldier in the army of Richard the Lion-heart to becoming the lord of Loxly and finally the beginning of the 'Prince of Thieves'.

The movie does not really stand out. While the performances are as commendable as they can be what is missing is the element of one man against the system. while the essence of Robin Hood is that, here it becomes more of a lesson in history. While that by itself would have been good, not with a character like Robin Hood. Russell Crowe's accent stands out as being not english in comparison to his co-characters. Cate Blanchett plays the role of Marion Loxley.

The battle of fight scenes do not really thrill you. All in all a pretty average piece of work from the Ridley-Crowe combine.

Is it worth watching ? Maybe when there's nothing more important to do.


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