Shutter Island

Martin Scorcese and Leonardo DiCaprio return together to bring to you a thriller and psycho drama-Shutter Island. Based on the novel by Dennis Lehane, Shutter Island is the tale of US Marshal Teddy Daniels (Leo DiCaprio) who along with a new partner Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) visits the Ashecliffe Sanatorium for the criminally insane on shutter island.

Their visit is brought about due to the disappearance of an inmate from a closed room. The institution is run by the quiet and unnerving Dr. Cawley (Ben Kingsley). In an institution where no one seems who they are, Teddy has his own demons from the World War and memories of the concentration camps to battle and the loss of his wife in a fire. As the day goes by and a storm brews on the horizon, it appears that all is not well on shutter island and all is not definitely as it seems. Three wards, with a ward C out of bounds to all. A lighthouse no one is allowed to enter, the disappearance of a patient. Teddy has pushed to get this assignment and for reasons of his own. This and more adds to the thrill, drama and chilling horror of this tale set in 1954.

As the tale unfolds you are moved to the edge of your seat for each person, each corridor, each tree, each moment fills you with the chilling fear that something is about to happen. As the clues unfold you are taken on a journey along with teddy in deciphering the mystery. The entire island is covered in misty haze and the camera angles and lighting only add to the effect. Ben Kingsley, Leo, Mark and all the supporting cast put in remarkable performances. The movie ends up being a tad too long and many of you will end up guessing the end. The background score is perfect. Leo shines as the US Marshal who sniffs a conspiracy on Shutter Island.

The movie is a departure from the usual Scorsese style of movie making in that it does not take time building characters and then bringing them together for the plot to climax. Instead right from the start every character, every shadow plays a role making you almost bite your nails. But, like I said if it wasn't dragged so much it may have ended up being immensely unpredictable and therefore horrifyingly chilling. Of course, at the end you will realize all the clues were there right under your nose.

Is it worth watching ? Well, if it is a Scorsese movie, it definitely is. Although in this one a tinge of disappointment is sure to creep in. Do watch though.


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