Wall Street 2: Money Never sleeps

Oliver Stone brings back to the screen the tale of greed and markets after the immensely successful classic Wall Street.

Wall Street 2 is set about 9 years after Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) is sent to jail. He has returned. Meanwhile his daughter Winni (Carey Mulligan) is in a relationship with Jake Moore (Shia LeBouf) who, wonder of wonders is a Wall Street investment banker. When Jake makes contact with Gekko who is a successful author now, hoping to bring estranged father and daughter together, the story begins.

Will all turn out well ? Has Gordon Gekko turned over a new leaf ? In midst of the tumultuous markets (similar to the Lehmann Broethers meltdown), a mix of relationship drama, greed and good old Gekko, Oliver Stone tries to bring back the magic he created in Wall Street.

Sadly, after about mid-way into the first half while money may never sleep, you are slightly put to sleep. The sequel lacks the strong character driven plot although Shia LeBouf does well in his role. The costumes of the lead characters Gordon and Jake are sure to set a business trend in dressing. The background score is pretty sexy. What pulls the movie down is that your expectations are way too high after part 1 and this sequel just does not hold you together. While in part 1 you loved the villain and you thought he will almost get away, the sequel tries to go back to the good old happy ending and makes it predictable.

Michael Douglas still has his screen presence, old though he appears. Shia LeBouf is a star to watch out for. Josh Brolin does a good job as James Bretton. While the performances are satisfactory what does not hold together is the plot.

Is it worth watching ? Yes, for the business dressing, the performances and what the hell, it is Oliver Stone's Wall Street so you may as well watch it !


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