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Endhiran (in Tamil) is touted as Asia’s most expensive movie and also the first pure sci-fi Indian movie, starring Superstar Rajnikanth (who can make onions cry and boil water just by looking at it), Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Directed by Shankar (Kadhal Desam, Jeans, Nayak) and music by, of course, A R Rahman.

Endhiran is an out and out Rajnikanth movie where anything n everything is possible, much beyond human imagination (that would be an understatement really). The plot has Vasi (Rajni), a scientist, who is designing the first Humanoid and is successful as well (quite obviously). Sana (Ash) is a doctor in the making, plays his love interest and is always livid with him since he does not have the time to spend with her. One find day, he successfully brings to life (electrically and electronically), Chitti, whose looks and swagger are modeled on himself. He needs to test it in the real world before having this approved and patented. Here is when the Rajniisms start – the whipping up gourmet meals, driving people crazy with his witty one-liners, fighting singlehandedly with a bunch of goons in a local train, recharging himself from a power outlet, near the railway tracks. On presentation to the Board for the patent, Chitti is rejected as unfit for society by Professor Bora (Danny Denzongpa), largely due to jealousy that Vasi, his protégé is successful while he’s not. He tries all ways to steal the neural schema, which is what makes Chitti unique, capable of human-like emotions.

Since the Humanoid is capable of emotions, trouble starts. Chitti is in love with Sana and will go to any extent to be with her, even at the cost of eliminating his creator. The story then takes on the flavor of Frankenstein. In a fit of rage, Chitti is dismantled and thrown in the garbage dump, only to be discovered by …. No guesses…Prof Bora. He needs this robot for his nefarious activities, which he has promised some terrorist group (not sure which country they are from). He is successful in copying the neural schema and makes a slight twist to the program, to suit his needs. Soon there is mayhem in the city and Vasi is accused of creating the monster. But he being a law-abiding citizen devises a strategy to capture his creation (which is only in destruction mode now). and in a typical story, Chitti has held the lady-love hostage. The rest of the plot involves a gamut of special effects, mostly unbelievable on a normal plane, but for a Rajni movie, “Impossible is I’m possible”. And all’s well that ends well.

What works:
Rajni – the movie is all about his star power, everything else takes a back seat.
Special effects – running sideways on a train, combining all guns and firing at the same time, the formations when the robots are in destruction mode are amazing.
Consolation prize to Ash – most Rajni movies leave little for the leading lady to do, but Ash holds her own for the sheer fact that it is her.
Dialogues: Typical Rajni witty one-liners

What doesn’t:
Music – I can’t recall even one song. A R Rahman lets us down again. You need a sabbatical after all the duds you have delivered this year (Blue, Vinaitthandi Varuvaya, Raavan)
Costumes – Garish colours and comical costumes for Ash in all the song sequences, enhancing her unappealing figure
Script – while a Rajnikanth movie normally does not warrant a script, this was a desi, special effects loaded rendition of Frankenstein. This includes lack of a convincing confrontation between Danny and Rajni, which usually is a mainstay of Indian movies.
My rating: Must watch only if you a die-hard Rajni fan (I’m not though)


Anonymous,  October 3, 2010 at 9:15 AM  

Must Watch if you are a human!

Ved October 3, 2010 at 9:26 AM  

An out and out entrainer and a treat for Rajni fans. Pretty good special effects. while the story does have deep thought behind it, it is meant to be an entertainment extravaganza. amazing what Rajni can do at this age and yes Aishwarya looks very good and does not have to do much else

Roshmi Sinha October 22, 2010 at 3:36 AM  

Haven't had the time to catch this one yet. But should be 'paisa vasool' stuff... going by the looks of it. A Rajani extravaganza...

A.R.Rahman seriously needs to take a break. His CWG theme song was a disaster too. He needs to understand that his voice does not suit each and every song... plus he is not good at penning the lyrics himself... especially in languages other than his mother tongue...

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