Aakrosh is a Priyadarshan movie, who has taken a break from comedy to tackle a serious issue like honour killing. Quite relevant and current in India.

The film opens with a bunch of policemen chasing a bunch of youngsters, and then portrayed as missing in the next scene. A lot of media attention is given to the missing youngsters since they belong to high-profile families in the nation’s capital. Investigating this case is the CBI, represented by Siddhant Chaturvedi (Akshaye Khanna) and an Ex-army officer Pratap Singh (Ajay Devgn). They share a love-hate relationship on their approach to the case which props the story.

The face of the typical Indian bureaucracy headed by Ajatshatru Singh(Paresh Rawal), a cop and a bunch of politicians – essentially they are goons with a license from the government to do as they please. No one in the village is ready to cooperate with the Siddhant and Pratap, fearing their lives. Jamunia (deglam Reema Sen) is one of the few people in the village who is affected by the politics and the goons. Her brother is one of the youngsters missing.
Pratap also encounters his ex-flame Geeta (Deglam and bihari speaking Bipasha Basu), who is now married to Paresh Rawal to complain about the Shool Sena (the reference to a similar outfit in our country is very striking). Geeta knows the goings-on of her husband and his cronies but cannot reveal anything for obvious reasons.

A lot of demonstrations and gruesome displays hooliganism runs the rest of the story. Unable to crack the case, Siddhant faces a lot of flak and is asked to wrap up the case. Under serious pressure, they decide to use the old British approach “Divide and rule/conquer”. They then have the goons tried in the court of law and solve the case.

One item number by Sameera Reddy and one romantic number picturised on Bips and Ajay

What worked:

Movie based on a current and relevant topic

Strong performances by Ajay Devgn and Akshaye Khanna

The stunt by Ajay Devgn, sitting on the rooftop of an SUV while Akshaye navigated through the forest, trying to find the crooks.

What didn’t: Loose storyline – fails to grip the viewer

My rating: 2/5


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