Break ke Baad

BKB shows a newbie director, Danish Aslam and aptly supported by Kunal Kohli as a Producer. Stars Deepika Padukone as Aaliya Khan,Imran Khan as Abhay Gulati, Sharmila Tagore as Ayesha, Naveen Nischol as Jeet, Shahana Goswami as Nadia and Yudi as Cyrus.

BKB revolves around best friends turned lovers, Aaliya and Abhay. She is a fire brand – smokes,drinks,tantrum throws, and calls her mum by her name and is referred to by Aunt Lilette Dubey as Chudail. Aaliya is rebellious for any reason that suits her fancy. Abhay is the thoughtful, sensitive, sensible dependable, a total opposite of Aaliya. She sweetly calls him Gulati, Gelato and Julati. They fit the bill of opposites attract to a T. They’ve grown up in Jeet’s cinema hall, watching all-time romantic movies starting from Mr.India,JJWS,KKHH etc. They even know dialogues by-heart.

One fine day, Aaliya has been accepted to a course in Australia which she portrays as a course in Mass Communication, which her mum knows well that it is to fuel her ambition to be an actress. Ayesha herself being an actress, blames her failed marriage to her own ambition and does not encourage Aaliya. But then ziddi beti doesn’t care and makes her trip to Australia where she has to stay with her Hitler maasi. Soon she finds it uncomfortable and makes her way to a shack, managed by bro-sis, Nadia and Cyrus. Long distance relationships take a toll on Abhay and makes him insecure when he hears too much noise and a call from him being answered by a random guy. Abhay lands up there only to be told by Aaliya that she’s breaking up with him.

But love keeps him strong and put right there. He takes up odd jobs, and soon realizes that he can make his livelihood with food. He makes Cyrus his partner and sets up a restaurant. All this while, he tries to woo Aaliya back. Meanwhile, she lands up a prestigious acting assignment that her mom doesn’t approve of. Rebellious streak has long died in Aaliya and realizes her priorities.

All along, she had taken Abhay’s love for her as granted but Abhay decides to move on, which does not go well with Aaliya. She then realizes her love for him and the need to be with him. All’s well that ends well.

What works:
Cute banter between Abhay and Aaliya – the scene between Shah Rukh and Sunita; the under-table comfort zone; Abhay being the maanjha to Aaliya’s patang.
3 good songs – peppy and nice
Predictability of Indian romantic movies and aptly fitted dialogues from them.
Take home Imran character – he brings back memories of Jai Singh Rathore of Jaane tu ya Jaane na
Yudi’s character
What didn’t:
Tacky storyline – doesn’t really grip you in any part, elongated in certain places
Will someone please take charge of wardrobe makeover for Deepika – same set of shorts from Love Aaj Kal, Karthik calling Karthik and BKB.
Scowling Shahana Gowsami – she’s proved that she can act, except that they forgot that angle to her here.

My rating : 2.5/5 - Absolutely average


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