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After hangover, The A team and Valentine’s Day, the movies I have watched of Bradley Cooper, I think Limitless is his flawlessly performed movie. The effort as the role demands is well understood and showcased by the actor. The entire movie looks quite promising, but at times seems dragging.

Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), a struggling writer meets his divorced wife’s brother on the street and gets to know about a drug which is an unreleased and not tested drug. It gives him the power to use 100% of his brain, driving the knowledge from all the small incidences happened earlier sometime in his life. All of a sudden he becomes an expert as a multi linguistic personality, who is enormously sharp and can finish his books in just four days.

He also does things which a super hero would do and then suddenly he realizes his ultimate goal which is way bigger than just being a writer. Movie after a drag moves to real mode of protagonist’s role and then it is roller coaster ride. As the great power comes with huge responsibility and problems, happens the same in his life and he gets involved with some of the threats with external elements. He also finds out that drug’s side effects are life threatening. The rest of it I leave for you to discover by watching the movie. It’s a good time pass and a one-time watchable movie. The background music was quite appealing to me. Robert de Niro is as usual always in form and performing the best.

Have fun watching the movie without high expectations and you will be able to enjoy this paranoia fueled action thriller.
-Amrita Tripathi

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