Ready is directed by Aneez Bazmee and the movie revolves only around Salman Khan (whose fave dialogue is Duniya mein teen cheezon ko underestimate math karna – I, me, myself). Anyone whose not a Sallu fan can watch this for sheer mindlessness.

Also in the movie is Mahesh Manjrekar, playing Sallu’s dad and who with a memory problem makes most of his dialogues “fill in the blanks”, bordering on under-the belt jokes. Anooradha Patel as the sensitive mom, who can look good only and is supportive of anything her son does, except for the fact that she wants him married to someone who has him under control. And 2 uncles and aunts fill in the family picture perfectly. Add to this, a guruji, whose words the family sticks to syllable for syllable.

Enter Asin, into their family, while escaping from her maternal uncles, who are looking to usurp her property by their plot of having her marry their respective brother-in law, but obviously she’s not interested in them. She straight away lands into Sallu’s picture perfect family and actually fits in (am not surprised)

Few squabbles, silly fights later, the uncles are brought to task in terms of their appearances and attitude towards Asin. And all’s well that ends well!!

My rating : 1/5 – not cos I’m not fond of Salman – it’s more like the masala movies that have skipped 2 decades.
Possible bright spots: Songs – Character dheela and Dinka Chika – all mass appeal.


Shor in the City

Produced by Ekta Kapoor and stars her brother Tusshar, is all about the seemingly normal city of Mumbai. The dark alleys exist along side the well-lit houses of the rich and famous. Righteousness exists with the wrong. Innocence co-habits with harassment and threats to life. The movie starts and ends with the 11-day Ganesha festival , with a befitting ending.

The film has 3 sub-plots: Tilak (Tusshar), who has a book publishing business, Sawan Kumar (Sundeep Kishan), a cricketer who needs money to ensure a place on the U-22 team and Abhay(Sendil Ramamurthy), an NRI entrepreneur who is setting up business in India and is being harassed by goons(Zakir Hussain).

Tilak and his 2 cronies are suddenly in the possession of a bag full of fire-arms that the cronies have picked up from a local train. They need to sell it off t make some quick money and are on the look-out for a buyer. Otherwise, he is a righteous book publisher, to the extent of threatening a famous wrietr in parting with the manuscript for exclusive publishing rights and newly-wedded man. He discovers “psychology” through “the Alchemist” and is surprised that he didn’t even know that his wife was educated. He has certain values in place and wants to let go of all nefarious activities, which his cronies think is a result of his marriage.

Sawan Kumar is an upcoming cricketer, who needs to get into the U-22 team, so that he can continue his relationship with his girlfriend, who otherwise will be married off to some guy chosen by her parents. They meet at the usual Mumbai hang-out for couples, Band-stand for some personal time and to resolve issues. He needs 10 lakhs to buy himself a place in the team and has no clue on how to get it. He approaches banks and then hits upon a plan to loot one, in a bid to make quick money

Abhay, an NRI, in Mumbai to set up a business, is harassed by goons for money to ensure his well-being and smooth functioning of business. They even follow him around and know all details of his model-girlfriend. He feels claustrophobic and cannot seem to arrive at a solution. He wants to get rid of this menace called mafia by himself, since he cannot find any other way out.
While you are trying to figure out how these three tracks are going to intertwine, the story arrives at an insipid climax and ends quite abruptly.

My rating: 3/5 – takes a while to grow on you


Kung Fu Panda 2

Po is back and how… the adorable roly-poly Panda who loves his friends and food is back, this time in 3-D, making this an awesomeness experience regardless of age.

Po finds out from his Master that he has to fight Lord Shen – a peacock to save China. His dad, Ping is reluctant to let him go and in an emotional moment reveals that Po is adopted. Po with his gang Furious Five, set out on a mission to rescue China.
Before they encounter Lord Shen, they need to battle the pack of wolves as part of Shen’s army. They also discover that Kung Fu experts, Master Croc and Master Ox have been jailed in a bid to wipe out Kung Fu. They do not want to be freed citing that even if they were out, it was impossible to fight Shen who has a weapon that breathes fire and spits metal. Po manages to take on Lord Shen, who has been warned by the Soothsayer goat that a Shen is to be defeated by a warrior who is black n white.

While fighting Shen, Po is distracted by certain flashes of the peacock’s feathers and realizes that they figured in his childhood memory. At the end of round 1 of the battle, Po is severely injured and rescued by the goat who then explains the past behind Po’s traumatic childhood, which he has not yet come to terms with. His friends are captured and it looks like it’s all over.
Lord Shen, while on the way to destroy China, is suddenly confronted by a rejuvenated Po. His friends are rescued, and then a bitter battle ensues. Po dodges cannon-balls fired at him with such grace that it’s a treat to watch. All this as he has found his “inner peace”.
Good wins over evil and Po goes home to be with his dad Ping.

My rating:3.5/5….actually 4/5 – for Po’s calisthenics while displaying inner peace and the 3-D effects.


Is 3D worth paying extra for?

 3D. The words accompanying many a movie draws crowds and we are made to pay a significantly higher price for the ticket, pay INR 100 as security deposit for the 3D glasses, stand in queue for it and then after the movie stand again to return the glasses and collect the 100 bucks back.

Most 3D movies have a few trailers which are in 3D too. Every month we are treated to at least 1 film which promises a 3D experience.

Sadly, all they have done is murdered the true 3D experience. 3D makes sense when
1. the content of the film demands an enhanced viewing experience. Ex: Avatar, Kung Fu Panda etc
2.  and it has been shot in 3D. Ex: Avatar

Unfortunately most 3D films are given a 3D treatment in post-production (I think it is called conversion to 3D)or only sections of the movie are giving a 3D feel. with my limited knowledge of cinema technique I can say that most of the movies provide a very sad 3D experience and not only kill the 3D experience but also kill the movie watching experience itself.

I understand shooting in 3D is expensive and painful. It requires a special camera that can replicate the way our eyes work, giving depth perception and therefore every scene has to be painstakingly recorded to capture foreground and background as separate images. (My knowledge is limited on the technicalities but the Internet can provide a lot of content on this if you are interested)

Regardless of technique some movie are best watched in 2D. Ex: Pirates of the Carribbean-on Stranger Tides, Priest etc

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