Is 3D worth paying extra for?

 3D. The words accompanying many a movie draws crowds and we are made to pay a significantly higher price for the ticket, pay INR 100 as security deposit for the 3D glasses, stand in queue for it and then after the movie stand again to return the glasses and collect the 100 bucks back.

Most 3D movies have a few trailers which are in 3D too. Every month we are treated to at least 1 film which promises a 3D experience.

Sadly, all they have done is murdered the true 3D experience. 3D makes sense when
1. the content of the film demands an enhanced viewing experience. Ex: Avatar, Kung Fu Panda etc
2.  and it has been shot in 3D. Ex: Avatar

Unfortunately most 3D films are given a 3D treatment in post-production (I think it is called conversion to 3D)or only sections of the movie are giving a 3D feel. with my limited knowledge of cinema technique I can say that most of the movies provide a very sad 3D experience and not only kill the 3D experience but also kill the movie watching experience itself.

I understand shooting in 3D is expensive and painful. It requires a special camera that can replicate the way our eyes work, giving depth perception and therefore every scene has to be painstakingly recorded to capture foreground and background as separate images. (My knowledge is limited on the technicalities but the Internet can provide a lot of content on this if you are interested)

Regardless of technique some movie are best watched in 2D. Ex: Pirates of the Carribbean-on Stranger Tides, Priest etc


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