Shor in the City

Produced by Ekta Kapoor and stars her brother Tusshar, is all about the seemingly normal city of Mumbai. The dark alleys exist along side the well-lit houses of the rich and famous. Righteousness exists with the wrong. Innocence co-habits with harassment and threats to life. The movie starts and ends with the 11-day Ganesha festival , with a befitting ending.

The film has 3 sub-plots: Tilak (Tusshar), who has a book publishing business, Sawan Kumar (Sundeep Kishan), a cricketer who needs money to ensure a place on the U-22 team and Abhay(Sendil Ramamurthy), an NRI entrepreneur who is setting up business in India and is being harassed by goons(Zakir Hussain).

Tilak and his 2 cronies are suddenly in the possession of a bag full of fire-arms that the cronies have picked up from a local train. They need to sell it off t make some quick money and are on the look-out for a buyer. Otherwise, he is a righteous book publisher, to the extent of threatening a famous wrietr in parting with the manuscript for exclusive publishing rights and newly-wedded man. He discovers “psychology” through “the Alchemist” and is surprised that he didn’t even know that his wife was educated. He has certain values in place and wants to let go of all nefarious activities, which his cronies think is a result of his marriage.

Sawan Kumar is an upcoming cricketer, who needs to get into the U-22 team, so that he can continue his relationship with his girlfriend, who otherwise will be married off to some guy chosen by her parents. They meet at the usual Mumbai hang-out for couples, Band-stand for some personal time and to resolve issues. He needs 10 lakhs to buy himself a place in the team and has no clue on how to get it. He approaches banks and then hits upon a plan to loot one, in a bid to make quick money

Abhay, an NRI, in Mumbai to set up a business, is harassed by goons for money to ensure his well-being and smooth functioning of business. They even follow him around and know all details of his model-girlfriend. He feels claustrophobic and cannot seem to arrive at a solution. He wants to get rid of this menace called mafia by himself, since he cannot find any other way out.
While you are trying to figure out how these three tracks are going to intertwine, the story arrives at an insipid climax and ends quite abruptly.

My rating: 3/5 – takes a while to grow on you


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