It's Gold !

Unfortunately watching the Golden Globes on VH1 during re-telecast.

 And no, my post is not about the list of winners, nominees etc . Why would I post that here when my favourite movie resource site has got it all, neatly done.  Read it here on IMDB

What I am writing about is my view on the winners and the one's who didn't. Considering I haven't got to watch them all, I think it is worth writing down. At least, I will be inspired to watch each and every nominee. Come Oscar time I don't want to have the same tally.

12 years a slave has been creating buzz ever since it released and though I haven't got to watch it yet, I think the trailer and details show it had all the right elements of being an awardee. It did win Best Motion Picture-Drama. Gravity is the only other movie among the nominees that I watched, loved but didn't think it to be main winner material. Simply because it was almost too perfect and deeply emotional, which does not win best picture for sure.

Surprised at American Hustle winning Best Picture-Musical or Comedy. American Hustle is recounting of a con  caper during the 70s. With some serious acting by Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Bradley Cooper with a guest appearance by DeNero I found this movie to be interesting and worth a 2nd watch. but best winner for Musical or Comedy ? Uh oh. More Uh Oh when Amy Adams wins for Best Actress in a Musical or Comeday for Hustle ! American Hustle had more to gain with another Oscar favourite Jennfier Lawrence with supporting actress award.

Similarly surprised to see Leonardo DiCaprio win Best Actor, no not surprised at him winning best actor but for a musical or comedy ? yes, Wolf of Wall Street had its comic moments and if Tarantino had done it we would have some slow choreographed musical background to parts for sure, but with Scorsese at the helm ? The movie (my 3 slide review on it here) in my view was a serious gangster flick with money playing the code of honour, but maybe I got it wrong. Gotta watch it again to get the musical or comic flavour to Leo in it. Oscar contender for sure. No wonder Leo in his award acceptance speech said, "First off, thank you to the Hollywood Foreign press. I never would have guessed I would have won for Best Actor in a comedy..."

Alfonso Cuaron took the best director for Gravity. Sorry Marty, you are just too good the Globes or the Oscars cannot keep up with you.

At the end of it all I realised (and not surprisingly) that I haven't watched most of the movies in the nominee list. Not blaming the  movies for that. In India most of them are yet to release. I wonder why. They say the number of Hollywood movies being released in India has gone up and the revenues they earn here but the best of movies both A listers and indie ones tend to be delayed or not show up here at all. Guess its economics.


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