American Sniper

#AmericanSniper #vedsviews Based on the true life story of Chris Kyle and his book by the same name (I have just commenced reading it), Clint Eastwood's directorial effort- American Sniper. There is one thing you cannot fault Hollywood with, and that is portraying the heroics of war and soldiers. American Sniper does that with the tale of a texan cowboy turned soldier sniper.

A buffed up Bradley Copper desperately tries to shed his  looking-good-and-charming image and does succeed. The movie almost made me think I was watching a Kathryn Bigelow one (Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty) as I missed the deep emotional connect that are a constant run through Flags of our fathers or Milion Dollar Baby or Gran Torino or Mystic River or the many other Eastwood helmed films. He does try and show the emotional disturbance Chris goes through but there is just not enough time to build on that. What you distinctly remember are the long distance sniper shots and the noisy battles. Siena Miller as Taya, Kyle's wife puts in a confident and composed performance. The supporting cast fits right in and the performances of all actors, including the lead ones lift this movie beyond just tale of war. When you finish watching this movie you think it is a good one but know not why, for it engrosses, entertains but does not strike a lasting chord. This could also be because we in India do not relate to war jingoism as much, or it's just me  !

Is it worth watching ? yes !  Its expected to make  $200mn worldwide and an Oscar contender


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